From Traditional Education To Free Learning VisionThrough our daily routine, we are exposed to tremendous influential media; especially which now we are in the technology age and medias can be viewed right to kids’ fingertips, without any supervisory or directing.

How To Deal With Stress

Stress is the difficulty to receive or understand any new idea due to an increase of thoughts in one’s mind and this is the definition of stress.

Here are some symptoms for a person with stress:-

How To Be Socially Intelligent

Definition of social intelligence: Social intelligence is to feel the people around you in a correct way and react with the right action upon this feeling.

A person who is not social intelligent lack the right feeling for the people around her and react with a way that can hardly build healthy relationships and this person wrong feeling is because of many reasons that can be:-

How To Deal With People You Hate

A free willed person should not accept dealing with people he hates unless it is mandatory to deal with them due to relationship reasons or professional reasons.

Actually if a person is financially free he will be free to deal with whom he like and will not deal with people he hates but most of the time those who work for a job deal with people they hate which is above their will and they should deal with it.

How To Deal With Social Anxiety

Definition of social anxiety: Social anxiety is the feeling of being anxious around people because of many reasons like feeling not accepted, feeling shy, lack of acceptance of others or any other reason.

How To Deal With Hallucinations

Definition of hallucinations: Hallucinations is the stream of thoughts that may or may not be related to reality. A person that have hallucinations experience lots of thoughts that can be contradictory to each other’s and can leave him with bad or wrong decisions that turns to actions that he may regret afterwards, the person who have hallucinations have no doubts that these thoughts can lead to wrong actions because he trust his decisions and his mind. (See also How To Deal With Anger)

How To Deal With Anger

Definition of anger: Anger is the feeling of unease about someone or something that leads you to respond back with an uncontrolled reaction that is regretted afterwards.

This is the brief definition about anger. A person who gets angry quickly can be easily fooled that he doesn’t angry and what he did when he reacted upon anger is the right thing to be done. This person wishes to find ways not to get angry again because he knows when he gets angry everything around him gets messed and he regret what he did sooner or later.

Learn How to Save Money

Many people have fears to talk about money because many people have beliefs that money is the cause of every evil, they fear to keep it with them for more time and they prefer to spend it on false luxuries so they can have quick enjoyment rather than permanent luxury which will bring them more enjoyment. (Read also How to Learn About Money)

I will explain this post by talking about a story about “Emmy” and “Investy”, two girls who have different beliefs about money which make them retain money in different ways.

How to Learn About Money

I always had problems about money, I used to spend more than I earn to find myself borrowing money before the month comes to an end, I thought that my money problem was because of my paycheck and that it should be bigger so that I can have no money problems, so I decided to have a part-time job as a freelancer.

After increasing my income through the month, I also have had money problems, and my spending increased to realize that I didn’t solve my money problem but instead I was more into debt. (Read also Learn How to Manage Money Part 1)

Learn How to Manage Money Part 1

This post is divided to two parts here is part two: Learn How to Manage Money Part 2

We all know that money is essential to live life, it is a fact, so learning to manage money so that you are conscious where you spend it, is one of the essential skills you have to learn so that you live a better life. (Read also I Did Everything In My Life, But...)

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