From Traditional Education To Free Learning VisionThrough our daily routine, we are exposed to tremendous influential media; especially which now we are in the technology age and media can be viewed right to kids’ fingertips, without any supervisory or directing.

How NOT to Think Emotionally

Thinking emotionally is when you take a decision to complete a goal and in your way to do the goal you changed your decision according to someone who you think about while reaching your goal.

It can be while taking any simple decision for a goal, it don’t have to be a big decision or a big goal, it can be a daily routine decision, for example:-

How To Make A Friend Of Your Devil, Your Mind

Make a friend of your devil, your mind

The real image for the well known shampoo, see the fake version.

Run Like The Arabian

Enjoy the below video:-

This tale has many versions, and this is one of them:-

Once upon a time the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with his herd of horses, was on a long journey in the desert, the horses were exhausted and desperately thirsty for any water.

On his way to his destination, they found a lake of pure water for all to revive again by drinking what they need of water.

DO NOTHING if you Want to Succeed

Through searching about success to know how success is done - in anything -, I was always exposed to quotes, posts, videos...etc. somewhere that says “ACT NOW”, “DO SOMETHING”, “DO ANYTHING”, “People who act the most are the most successful” and I always have had a question “What should I do?”, “Should I really do “anything” to succeed?”.

I Did Everything In My Life, But...

I heard a lot of stories from people I know personally and people I don’t know that much that says, “I did everything in my life”, and I was always wondering, “what is everything in life?”, but when he or she continues his/her story, I understand more…

The content of the speech was revolved around:-

How to Track your Personal Defects for Ultimate Social Success (Part one)

Due to the highly importance of social success subject, it will be on two parts and this post is part one of it.

Socializing was always a big part of my thinking, I feel I like to socialize more than my friends, I like to let people who I know, know each other's as well, as I feel it will be more fun to have whom I love in one place. I was always a nice guy to everyone and don't like to offend or feel that anyone is unpleased or unhappy from me, I used to do everything that my peer ask me to do to always make them happy and satisfied from me.

Why You Should Never Act Brilliant

I am always in continues change of my attitude towards myself that reflect on my relations with people and this is not an easy task unless you have a daily personal couch walking step by step beside you and listening to every word you deliver and how you deliver it to give you a mirror for your attitude towards people, and this is impossible, so I should trigger it myself.

Most of the time, I feel superior upon others on several things and when I feel my peer is missing one of these things, I start acting brilliant that ends up for him or her being offended.

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