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  • Every parent think “since I didn’t make it I’ll work harder to let my kids do it” and here you are in the right place where you can let your kids read about how to make their lives better and how to get higher marks in school.

    A lot of parents think also “I pay a lot of money for my kids education but I don’t want to let them be like me I want them to be better than me” so they are convinced with the idea that says “let my kids study harder to get higher marks and then get a secured job” neglecting the passion part of the theory “what if he studied hard, went to the college he dreams of but didn’t get successful in life after that”, parents think “at least I did my best with him” and I say “there is better” is a way of living for teenagers and earlier life stages to find their life purpose as we here in believe that school and passion can get along together and at the same time school can be going in a rout and the passion can be to another rout. Vision

    As you can see our mission is to let students who are at school know their passion in early stages than just finishing college and then think “then what, I did what my parents want from me all this time but still I am not that successful, I’ve never done what I want in life!” the graduate thinks.

    As a parent, when do you think your kids should have his own decisions in life? Do you think that kids have their own point of view? Do you think that they are satisfied with their lives at school and college?

    A new belief: Make sure you know that each kid is born with his own passion built inside of him which is unique like his finger print and DNA.

    For students, do you want to feel free? Do you feel that constrains of life made you join school without any power you did and you feel bored from it? Do you know that school is where you study not to make mistakes? Do you feel guilty when you make mistakes? Approach is where you can have a vision for your life on early stages to draw your life and what you want to reach in your life to be successful, famous and wealthy.

    I don’t promise you anything but all I can do is to show you my life experience that have in it success at school and college and with you I’ll be successful in life too.

    You can be successful by similarity – doing things the same as other successful students – as it is the best way to be successful by similarity to see what was done to be successful and what was avoided.

    It is also recommended to contact people who you find to be your role model so please contact me if you find me a your role model and if you like to make with me an interview :)

    What i want to focus on

    There are many subjects I talk about in like how to study faster,harder and smarter but I want to focus more on drawing the vision for kids and how can they live for a purpose.

    As you know many students who don't have a purpose in life might screw their lives addicting drugs or moving in any other undesirable rout.

    Here in we care about your kid and the way he thinks to let him arrive to the right place safely.

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The Ultimate University Guide

The Ultimate University Guide is your way to a better university life, I experienced stressful times and I don't want you to experience what I experienced so I wrote this book to get high grades with the lowest effort; I got excellent and very good grades in my first and fourth year, I also experienced being from the first 10 among more than 1500 students.

For whom is this book?

Parents who want their kids to know what university they should join, letting your kids read The Ultimate University Guide will let your kids draw a better vision for their future in a simple, easy yet profesional way.

3 Hours (Your Exams Guide Book)

3 Hours (Your Exams Guide) will help you pass any exam with high marks even if you are close to exams.

I am close to exams and don't know what to do! For your situation you need first to solve exams as much as possible and write the questions you didn't know in a piece of paper, then read the subject and mark on the parts you didn't find while solving exams, this way you will conquer the subject.

There are two ways study for the exam fast the quick way and making study guides that are explained in the book 3 Hours (Your Exams Guide), wish you all the best.

The Ultimate Guide To Study Smarter Not Harder
  • What should I keep and what should I say?
  • Should I talk about my plans or my achievements?
  • Should I disguise behind my attitude or have a unique lifestyle?
  • What is the lifestyle of smart students?
  • What smart students do?
  • How smart students smart?
  • What smart students believe in?
  • What idiots believe in?
  • How to be smart?
  • How to be smart in subjects like history and geography?
  • How to be smart in math?

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