6 Things You Shouldn't Miss Before The End Of The Year

What you need to know before the end of the year

  • Attend the final lectures/classes: Final classes are sometimes the most important sessions you can have in the whole year, because they might spotlight on the parts which are the most important to study, it might be a revising class which can tell you where to focus more and where not to focus, sometimes the final classes are the most important through the year to a great extent, that's why you must attend them. (See also: How To Revise For Exams The Night Before)
  • Travel somewhere in the middle of the year vacation or before final exams: Freeing your mind before the final exams increase your mind productivity and give you a push to study more before the exams, so make sure you go somewhere before final exams, and spend the time relaxing without thinking about exams or anything related to studying. (Know more: How to think deeply in order to study better)
  • Make a balance between your subjects: Study hard subjects more than easy subjects and that’s what I mean by the balance, you might think that you should study the same hours for all the subjects but that’s wrong, spending more time for the hard subjects so that you know more about them is better than splitting your time to equal hours for all your subjects.

6 Things You Shouldn't Miss Before The End Of The Year

  1. Stop thinking about your final grades: What you have to do is to do your best in studying, thinking about your final grades won't change your grades, but doing your best before the exam is the only thing that can change your grades, so focus more on what you are studying than what you will get as results. (See also: How To Focus On Studying For Finals)
  2. Don’t panic: Many students panic before exams, because they didn't prepare themselves quite good, and there are students who prepared for the exam but are not confident before it, so they also get panic. To solve this problem you must study systematically from the beginning of the year so that when you are close to exams you are more confident to get better grades.
  3. Know that if you did your best and didn't go to the exam you will get a zero!: I once slept late before the exam and wake up slightly before the exam's time, this made me prepare my cloths in a hurry and go to the exam somehow frightened, but since I was studying in a systematic way through the year, I wasn't afraid when I saw the exam's paper and I solve it the best I can because I did my best earlier, but if it happened that I kept sleeping I would have had a zero, that's why you should study systematically. (See also How to let go and trust God)
  4. Revise what you have taken the first term: Most students don't revise their first term subjects in their second term, this make them forget many lessons they took and focus on the new lessons. The best time to revise previous term subjects is in the mid term vacation. (See also: How To Revise For Exams)
  5. Focus on the next term: Know that the second term is more important than the first term in the final exam, the final exam might contain a question from the last few papers of the subject, and might contain also a question from the very first pages from the subject so you should have bird's eye view for the subject, this comes by revising the subject from beginning to end 2 to 3 times before the finals. (See also How to Study for Long Hours)
  6. Have bird's eye view on the subject: The bird's eye view mean to have an overall look to the entire subject, to have bird's eye view, you should study the subject from the beginning to the end and then preview the subject as you preview it the first time by thinking about it in your mind only, making relations between first tem chapters and second term chapters can make you memorize the subject better. (See also: How To Have A Vision)

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