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How To Succeed Socially

Find the lost common sense

Did you try before using theoretical techniques in psychology but you get stuck every time you try something new? Did it really help you?

How To Study Faster Before Exams

Based on tried out techniques

This book is your ultimate guide to study faster before exams, it contains techniques and methods that will help you study faster before exams to 10 folds and will help you pass your exam with high grades

How To Study Smarter Not Harder

Secrets to study smarter than others that few students know about

Know the secrets to study smarter not harder so that you gain more grades with less studying, this will help you have more time for yourself to enjoy

How to Choose Your University

Many students have hard times choosing their university, this book is for you if you want to choose the right college

This book will help you choose the right college upon what interest the most for you, if you still don't know what interest you, this book is for you

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3 Hours (Your Exams Guide) + Secrets To Study Smarter Not Harder pay only 23USD for the Fast and Smart studying books

The Ultimate University Guide + 3 Hours (Your Exams Guide) pay only 28USD for the University and Fast Studying Guidance

The Ultimate University Guide + Secrets To Study Smarter Not harder pay only 32USD for the University and Smart Studying Guidance

All Books pay only 42USD for All Books

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