How To Learn For Exams Fast

Do you wish to learn for exams by heart in the fastest way?

Many students learnt how to study fast, else, there are still more don't know the techniques that they should do to study fast.

The best technique for this is to summarize things in a hierarchical way till the end of the subject.

How to learn for exams fast

  1. One of the techniques of summarizing the subject in a hierarchical way, is to write each chapter main titles in one page branched from it the sub-titles, then write brief summary about the title and sub-titles below them. This is the idea that you can do in any kind of papers, but it is preferred to do it in a one big double full-scape paper.
  2. Do this for all the subjects and make sure you write all the chapters in one double full-scape paper, this way the whole subject is in one paper and so in your mind. (See also Study tips for high school students)summarise study guide​Example of double full-scape paper
  3. Fast reading: you can use this technique when you have finished studying the entire subject, because it is easier to re-study your subject fast in this situation
  4. Stand up while studying:  to study fast you should focus more on your studies and to focus more you can stand up while studying this is the fastest way to focus more in your studies, a recent study showed that standing while studying is the fastest way to focus more and to study faster, and as I used to do so and got high marks I advice you to study while standing.
  5. You can wear an rubber band in your hand and whenever negative thoughts comes to your mind you sting yourself with this rubber band, this is a way to focus more while studying which will help you study much more faster after all. I heard a doctor who said so (Dr. Ibrahim El Fekky) and he himself used to do it, and he recommended to sting yourself whenever you think negatively because negative thoughts can effect badly on your studies so i recommend too to use this technique while studying to always think positively. (See also How NOT to Think Emotionally)
  6. Eliminate all negative thoughts: there is another approach for studying fast which is eliminating all negative thoughts.

The ways to study fast begins by inner-self change, in other words, there are thoughts that can distract you and changing these thoughts will let you study much more faster.

Then how can you change these distracting thoughts to study better?

  • Fast reading and gathering information: fast reading is a technique to read fast and you can also gather more information is a faster way.

    There are several ways to read fast and here i'll explain two ways of fast reading

    1. 1) the first one is to put the pin of your pen on the words you are reading and to pass fast in a zigzag way on the paper putting in mind that you should not read in a heard voice nor in an inner heard voice

    2. 2) the second method is similar to the first one but you should move is spiral way this time.

  • Elastic band method: this way is about wearing an elastic band on your wrist and whenever there are negative thoughts in your mind you sting yourself with this elastic band this way you will focus more in your studies and study faster.
  • Thinking when you are relaxed: Thinking when you are relaxed is a good way to memorize what you studied but don't mix between the time when you are relaxed to feel better while you are in the exam that you don't think about studying by purpose and the time between studying while taking a bath, before sleeping and after wake up that you are relaxed in but yet you can think about your studies.

    In my previous article how to suffer less during and after exam I said that traveling somewhere for 3 days or so will make you relaxed during exams and will make feel better to a high extent and it's recommended not to think about anything during this period and yo relax your mind by purpose.

  • Standing while studying: A recent study shows that concentration increases by standing up while studying, so whatever makes you focus better will make you study faster in other words decreasing negative thoughts increases your focus increases your speed of studying.

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