memory techniques for studying

would it be nice to memorize anything you want to memorize by reading it once or so, it needs from you a better mind set for you to memorize things you forget quickly.

How to improve your memory

You don't have to watch disturbing things along your studying period that makes you wander far away your studying materials, you should always do things that refer to what you are studying to effectively memorize your studies, like practising mathematical solving problems through your year of high school by calculating things in your mind rather than using a calculator. (See also 5 Ways Porn Affects Your Concentration)

Also for other subjects, you should simulate things in your life weather it was a story, history, or any material you take.

It was known that an ancient man used to put one hand on the right side of the book not to distract him while reading the left side of the book and vice versa, so distraction is your way to forget things, also in this ancient story, this man -that was considered the best memorizing man- looked by mistake to the heel of a woman (which he considered disgraceful act) made him forget his technique in memorizing things for a long time. (See also 4 Ways Porn Affect Your Studies)

In short, distracting your self by looking to things that make you distracted along your studying year will make you forget things faster than keep memorizing the things you always take.

Memory techniques for studying in pioints

  1. Don't look at disgraceful shows: wandering with your thoughts comes from here, and the excessive acts on watching such shows will have a great effect on you and your brain as it changes the structure of the brain, makes you wander and self centered so take care.
  2. Use your mind: use your mind to calculate mathematical problems, this will help your memory alot to study better.
  3. Simulate subjects to your life: you can simulate stories and novels in your life for example imagine characters in the story to be your family members and the situations to be life situations and so on.

In short, working your mind in your studies have a great effect on increasing your memory techniques, you can also memorize subjects and problems while you are in the bathroom, before you sleep and after you wake up.

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A Fire Way To Increase Your Memory

memory techniques for studying

How to prevent Memory Loss and enhance Memory Power

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