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5 Memory Techniques For Studying

Most of the students have memorizing problems, to be left without any skills that help them memorize their studies. That's why they get lower grades, because their one and only skill they are not good at is memorizing.

Memorizing skills is known to be, remembering what you studied when you need it, and you can only have this skill while you are relaxed. (Read more: The Elementary Blocks To Visualize While Studying)

To relax while memorizing you should take care of:-

  • What hurts you while you are memorizing: for example: your hand or leg is hurting you while you are memorizing because you are reclining wrong on it. Relaxing your body while trying to memorize, is important to access your full brain and not to be focused on something while you are trying to memorize another thing
  • Feeling OK with time left to memorize: you must have suitable time left to memorize the subject not to be on a hurry, this will help you relax while studying, and if you don't have suitable time to remember, assume that you are having suitable time
  • Anchoring subjects with relaxing scenes: if you anchored hard to memorize subjects with relaxing scenes, it will be easier for you to memorize it, for example: if you anchored a historical character, e.g.:Hitler, while he is on the beach, remembering the whole story behind this character will be much more easier (You can find more tips in my book: 3 Hours)

These points were about how to relax to memorize better, and to memorize while studying, you should know the following.

5 Memory Techniques For Studying

  1. Motivate more senses while studying: A scientific research show that when ever you motivate more senses to remember something, it will be much easier to memorize it, for example: if you visualize Hitler on the beach while eating a delicious ice cream while hugging his girlfriend who smell good and connecting this scene, each with a part of his story, memorizing the whole story will be even more easy
  2. Draw images for hard to memorize titles: Even if you don't know how to draw, drawing an image that present the title beside each title will make you memorize this title more, it is all because you made more effort while memorizing this title (i.e.: drawing)
  3. Feel ok anchoring numbers with images: Scientific research show that making the left side of the brain and right side of the bran working together, will help you memorize things better, the right brain is responsible for numbers while the left brain is responsible for images, so anchoring numbers with images will help you memorize better
  4. Sit, stand, walk while studying: Enjoying your studying while sitting is great, but to stand while studying or walk, will engage more fun and this will make you relax, for better memorizing
  5. Sing a song for what you are studying: You can also sing a song about subjects that needs more time

Being relaxed while trying to remember your studies through exams, is one of the most important things you should have to solve exams well, that's why most of the students get non-excellent grades as they don't know how to decrease their stress through exams, which results in hard memorizing time through exams and lesser grades.

If the student know how to decrease stress and increase being relaxed, his grades will increase dramatically.

How to improve your memory

You should simulate things in your life weather it was a story, history, or any subjects you take.

An ancient story about a man that used to remember an entire page while reading it for one time putting his right hand on the right page to memorize the left page. This man was known with his high morals which was known that he had never looked at a lady who is not his wife and when it happened and he looked at one, his memorizing powers started to decrease. (See also: 4 Ways Porn Affect Your Studies)

In short, enjoying your studies while studying will help you memorize hard subject easier.


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