I Have A Dream...

For all of you, who still believe that a college degree is what you need to live a better life.

For all of you, who didn't have the opportunity to have a college degree.

For people who have big dreams but life rule put them aside because they struggled in their traditional education phase.

For people who know they can make a change but in need of a hand to pull them up where they want to go.

For people who want to help others without anything in return, those who love what they do but are stuck in hard life.

Those who know that life is hard but together it can be easier and they can get stronger.

For those who had lived bad times but never surrendered to life rules.

For those who always dream for a better future, I believe the same way you believe. (See also: DO NOTHING If You Want To Succeed)

I believe that everyone around me everywhere, those who are successful and those who are like everybody else, is a product of what they believe and what they do and did in life. Everyone have the choice to live a better life if only he chooses to live a life that he deserves, such life which he is convinced about and knows every little detail about it, such life that he communicate his purpose in life with people around him, without the fear of rejection or mockery. A kind of life that he communicate why he is living with what he is delivering to life. A life of peace and freedom. (See also How Passion Leads To Success)

I believe that without an inner peace in yourself built on your power of knowledge that makes you believe that you can make a change, freedom cannot exist, such peace where you know you can reach where you want, however the limitations are, you know that you can achieve what you want in life, strong enough to show the world that you have pain and you do mistakes because you are human. These mistakes that make you learn from them, that make you step up one more step on your ladder of successes. (See also: Run Like The Arabian)

Such freedom that make you easily say that you do mistakes and that you are not infallible to do mistakes, you know you are not perfect and that what makes you special.

Most of the people avoid talking about their mistakes and how they messed things up, fearing about their face to be shown to others, we in Trial and Error Academy believe that mistakes is the best teacher and this is what makes us special and successful. We believe that the more we try the more we make mistakes so that we learn from them. Such believe that makes us free to do whatever we want without the fear on our faces or the feeling of regret. We are proud that we step forward every time we do a mistake, we don't hide behind big names of an cooperation or an organization, we live free with the help of people who believes the same as we believe.

We have the eagerness to forgive ourselves and to develop ourselves to where we always dreamt about, we hold each others tight so that when we need any help we can find it, we have nothing to hide and nothing that prevent us from sharing our experience to others. We can give more than we take and we can help others more than we can get helped. We stand strong in difficult situations as we know we have our backs supported. (See also: Why You Should Believe In Yourself The Most)

We share out our fears, we share our struggles and when we are successful we show the lead to others so they may be inspired. We know deep inside of us that life is a journey that is meant to be lived once, with all its ups and downs, we choose to live it the way we want not the way others want us to live it. We know that time, effort and money are things that we can give or take, so we invest them towards our goals. We know that wasting our time on things that are not aligned with our goals will waste our life, we know that exerting effort on goals that are not aligned with our purpose can make us weaker, we know that spending money on trivial things can destroy our lives. We spend our time, effort and money on anything that step us one baby step forward towards our goals. (See also Why Do You Like To Watch Soccer)

We know where we are, and we are crystal clear on where we are going. We all are in one train that will lead us to make a difference in life.

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