Transportation Transformation (A True Story)

We all sometimes take public transportation, some people invest their time and the majority sit there wandering with their thoughts, tracing faces and people and time goes by without anything useful done, I decided to transform my transportation time time writing the article you are reading now :)

Transportation Transformation (A True Story)

I take public transportation for around 1+ hour everyday going and returning back to and from my work - I work as software engineer - and I really enjoy my time like I am doing now, writing posts to my website, reading different articles, commenting on other websites and other stuff, so here I am going to my work and investing my time writing.

I use my Samsung galaxy beam - that mobile with the Pico projector - to write my articles, I know it's not a business mobile like the note II or any other tab but it does the job quiet good and I also take pictures with it and here is my picture in the public transportation I am in now.


Things don't go smooth sometimes, because there might be no place in the public transportation that I keep standing for some time so it's hard to write on my mobile while standing.

I use android software called "webmaster" which help me with the tags needed to write my post; I don't publish my article right away as I open it on my laptop with office word to correct any vocabulary or grammar mistakes.

So if you take public transportation like me you should consider investing this doing something useful, one of my fears is to get closer to my work that I don't find the time required to write a post because this will happen in the near future, this will be another transformation in life which will make me change my strategy in writing my posts.

What if you don't take public transportation? You will then need a private time to invest in it, this private time needs from you a good time management technique that will help set some time to make in it the required effort as investment.

Think about it, transportation could be a good transformation for your personality, for your career path or for whatever thing you would like to acquire through life.

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