What Makes You Really Educated

Do you think what you take at school or college will make you educated? Then what is education? Education is the way you face life problems and solve them.

So how do you treat and face life problems? Let's face it, first that there are major life problems which can be summarized in freedom, money, self-improvement - include education - and let's only go with this not to get distracted.

What Makes You Really Educated

Ask yourself these questions:-

  • Are you free enough that you can do anything in your life anytime you want?
  • Do you have the money that can make you live in the way you dream about?
  • Are you educated enough that you totally know what you are doing?

Let's also correct something which is that education comes first because without education you can't be free and you can't get the amount of luxury you are looking for.

So here comes the question about education, What makes you really educated? It is by being financially literate, because it will make you free, got the money needed to live a luxurious life and at the end will make you educated.

Then how to be financially literate

You should know more about money, you should know what rich people know and to think like rich people.

Being finantially literate means that you have sources of money which is not by being an employee or a self boss, it is only by being a business owner or an investor.

Don't think that because you invested some effort, money and time you will become rich, know that you should target people who have money and that's first, you should have products that worth paying for and that makes real good reputation, also you should offer good customer service.

The majority think that having a greater education degree will make them richer, that's only because they put limits for themselves, being financially literate is the way to be rich and not by formal education (having a master degree or a PhD) only because they can't have it they think they can't be rich, only when they have it they will know that it's not by formal education, so you know it now work around it.

The rich find opportunities in the darkest economy and work on it by solving problems not by finding them boundaries that can't be solved so break your limiting beliefs about money and work around it.

Middle class people think that money is the source of all evil, the rich people think that not having money is the source of all evil.

The majority work for money, rich people find their passion and work for it till they find money.

Rich people seems to be working all the time that's why they are rich but it goes like this because they do what they live for so it's their work now, middle class people work to pay their bills -I mean for money- the first question they may ask for a passionate person -a person who does what he likes- "Buddy...How much do you earn?" if it's less than what they earn they think, "It's not worth doing" and on the other hand if it's too much greater that what they earn they think that he's lucky and that it is imaginary to be this rich, otherwise if he/she earn closer earnings than what they take, they starts thinking about the thing, the big gap only that makes them feel that the guy was lucky, but the equation doesn’t go like this, rich mentality people work what they love whatever their earning was!

  • Average people think they must do something to be rich, rich mentality people think they must be someone to be rich.
  • Average people live beyond their means, rich people live below it.
  • Average people like to entertain themselves rather than being educated, rich people like to be educated rather than to be entertained.
  • And this was a little bit of being really educated, keep tuned for more :)

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