IMPORTANT: The Elementary Blocks To Visualize While Studying

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Are you struggling in the mean time because you are close to exams and can’t study?

This article is written to students close to exams or any student who is struggling in memorizing hard studying materials which will give you exactly what you want to memorize and study fast for the coming exams and that talk about the elementary steps you should take to study fast, memorize fast and visualize your subjects in a way you never heard before from my own experience that ends with excellent results. (See also: How To Memorize The Times Table)

Visualizing is the main skill you should have to get excellent results, you know this but we don’t know how to apply it and here in this article you will know exactly how to apply it.

The Elementary Blocks To Visualize While Studying In Points

This technique can be applied in any subject, for example, let’s imagine a situation while you are studying computer network from the slides of the lecture and there are lots of abbreviations like (LAN, WAN, VPN, APN…etc.) and every time you read that abbreviation you stop and analyze them, for example:-

LAN is the network that you can use in a room, in a building or in a hospital

This was written in the slide, but you read it like this:-

Local area network is the network that you can use in a room, in a building or in a hospital

Every time you stop in an abbreviation you analyze it to understand exactly what you are trying to study, but this is one case to study your lecture which might not be as efficient as the way I will explain in a second. (See also: How To Memorize Quickly For A Test)

Let’s imagine that the title of this part in the slide is “Types of computer networks”, and what is written in this slide points describing the types of computer networks like this:-

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • APN (Access Private Network)

And you want to memorize these points whenever a question in the exam ask you to mention the types of computer networks, the first thing you will do is to make a relation between the title and the content of this title, for example:-

Say you like cars and the technical specifications of it, you will start to visualize the title as following:-

The title: “Types of computer networks”, you will image “Tires” of a car that you like to be in your “Nissan” “Car”, so you imagined a “Nissan Car with big Tires”, once you say “Types of Computer Network” you imagine “Tires of your Nissan Car” and it’s specifications are as following:-

  • Low car with a trendy Arial – that you like how it looks
  • Wide hoods
  • It looks so Virtual when it is moving in its highest speed
  • Accessing any Private place with this fancy car is so easy

Here you imagined every word in the slide and related to the title of the slide which is very important, so once the question in the exam is “Point the types of computer network” you instantly imagine the Tires of your beloved Nissan Car and start to point out the technical specification of this car which is:-

  • Low car with a trendy Arial – LAN (Local Area Network)
  • Wide hoods - WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • It looks so Virtual when it moving in its highest speed - VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Accessing any Private place with fancy car is so easy - APN (Access Private Network)

This technique can be applied in anything you like and here we assumed you like cars and their technical specification, you can apply it on chocolate, fruits, food…etc. you name it. (See also: How To Memorize Quickly)

Applying this technique is the elementary block to memorize any material in the quickest way with the most efficient results and I personally always use it with the excellent results.

Wish you best of luck and have a nice day.

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