Free Learning is your Life Challenge

Excuses are for those who need them

Posted by Ahmed Al Abyad on Thursday, September 24, 2015

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  • I have got 97% in my last year in high school
  • I have got 93% in grade 9 and 90% in grade 11 in school time
  • I am graduated from Engineering faculty Communication department with excellent and very good grades in my 1st and 3rd year
  • I was from the first 10 among 1500 in my first term
  • I have got 85.2% in the first term in Engineering faculty

I was always the good student that get high grades in my school to make my parents proud of me, for me, I was used to do my best.

Many relatives, family members, friends and acquaintances were asking me about study related questions:-

  • How to get high grades at school
  • How to study hard
  • How to be smart

I was considered a genius although I was a normal student without anything added to my fellow friends:-

  • There is nobody special in my family that could have tell me what to do
  • I was not clinged to private courses to enhance my studying
  • There was no teachers in my family related to the school I am in

It was only about my will that I want to reach my dream college, engineering, and I know that it need high grades to join it.

After studying hard to join my dream college, engineering, I was really proud of myself that I have reached my first target in my life and joined the college that I was always dreaming about.

I spent my first year in engineering having the momentum energy of the last year at school, and I passed with excellent grades among 1500 student, it was like I did all what I want and I have the opportunity to join the highest major in my college, communication engineering.

After I joined communication engineering, I found nothing left to be done, so I have had neglected performing in studying, and this lead to my failure in my first year in communication.

It was like, this is the worst mistake I have done in my life that will bring shame and self-disrespect for me and family members for my entire life.

It was like I am driving 200 km/Hr and suddenly I smashed on a solid wall and unfortunately I am still alive!

It was a shocking truth, and the only idea after knowing my results was how to get out of this college with the fastest and least losses, and my mind kept questioning “How could failing be against education?!”

Is education about going from year to year smoothly without trying to fail, at least once, so that the failure student can learn from mistakes?

After knowing the story of many successful people that I consider idols for me and many school and university students, I found that most of them are not even high school graduates, which made me questioning, what is free learning?

I found that free learning is when I try many things in my life and be ready to learn from my mistakes without any boundaries, self-disrespect or shame, free learning is when I am free to learn from my mistakes because my mistakes is the best teacher in life that will teach me better than any other human teacher and this is what traditional education limited my mind to do, it limited my mind to do mistakes.

I found that success in life is the one thing I want to do in my life and that was after I found that traditional education will make me the same as anybody else, who fear to do mistakes, fear to challenge himself/herself and fear to learn what works and what doesn't work considering financial literacy.

I Realized That Life Success NOT Success In Traditional Education Is My Goal In Life.

Look around you, you can find the most successful and self assured personalities are those who tried many things and failed on many others, to know what do they don't like doing, to be left with what satisfy them the most and live life happily with this conclusion and equation of success, self worth, self esteem, self confidence and to leave their footprint in life for others to follow their trail.

Education was never a certificate that you are educated, education is a life challenge built on your hunger for free learning and trying things like a child foolishly trying to walk or talk.

You can learn from your daily mistakes because mistakes is the best teacher not to fall in it again and this is what traditional education limits our minds to do, it limits our minds to do mistakes.

You can learn by asking your friend about something he knows best, your manager about how he manage, your parents about relationship stuff and how did they met, your butcher about the best meat for your diet…

Free learning is everywhere if you open your mind and let your heart take control and that’s what wants to deliver

Free Learning is your Life Challenge

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