Business And The Dominoes Effect

Most people when thinking about business they think about the product, budget, place, brand, ways of marketing...etc.

They believe that replicating a successful business for someone will make them successful too, when they do they get disappointed and the business they believed will be successful once, ends up not being the same as they expected.

The problem comes when they don't understand people and the first person to understand is oneself. (See also Why You Should Believe in Yourself the Most)

Understanding people not only means to provide a good customer service but to put yourself in the customer's place and to do so you have to be the first person to try what you offer, if you felt good about it, then it will feels good to the end user. (See also Understanding skills)

The story never ends here because to be the best end user yourself, you must build a business around yourself first which ends up understanding yourself first to know which product to offer yourself so that you can provide it to targeted people who share with you the same love of the product.

Unless you understand what you love and why you love it so that you do it the best as you can for yourself which makes you enjoy offering it to others as best as you can, offering an excellent product can be challenging. (See also 5 Money Lessons for Kids that School doesn't Teach)

That's why who don't understand people don't understand business. 

When you understand yourself, you start sharing what you love to your inner circle and relatives for free and the potential increases till you reach a level when offering your product or service for money is a must.

It is the same as dominoes, the first domino falls ripples the entire dominoes till reaching the last domino, if the first falls backwards there will never be any effect on any domino.

If you don't understand yourself to know what is your passion and start working on it, there will never be any effect on anyone else and the end user will be hardly satisfied if you didn't satisfy the start up user, which is yourself.

Understanding yourself needs from to try many things so that you know what you don't like to be left with what you like the most and from here the story starts and this is what traditional education limits our beliefs to do, it limits our beliefs to try and fail. (Join Now Trial And Error Academy)

Without your eagerness to free learn, being closed minded so that you don't accept new beliefs will be your challenge to start be open minded. (Know more Free Learning Is Your Life Challenge)

The first step in free learning is to be yourself so that you know how to translate it to real business and then you can have what you want from life. (Know more Our Principles)

To be yourself you have to always challenge yourself so that you keep improving yourself by planning your future to what you want to accomplish. (Know more Our Limits)

And to sum it up if you don't understand people you don't understand business and the first person to understand is yourself.

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