DO NOTHING if you Want to Succeed

Through searching about success to know how success is done - in anything -, I was always exposed to quotes, posts, videos...etc. somewhere that says “ACT NOW”, “DO SOMETHING”, “DO ANYTHING”, “People who act the most are the most successful” and I always have had a question “What should I do?”, “Should I really do “anything” to succeed?”. (See also Our Principles)

It was hard for me to just do “anything” to reach success, and this was my burning desire to know what I should really do, because it might be not for me to just do anything in order to succeed, or it might be more useful for someone else to just do anything in order to succeed not me. (See also: Business And The Dominoes Effect)

It was only when I explored myself to discover more about it, yes, it was only when I discovered my true self, to know what my core self need and what it don't need.

My exploring for myself is a continual process, I never stopped once I started, it is not that I wake up one morning to realize what I really need, it was a continual process of trial and error to discover myself which was a mixture of love and hate.

Because Trial and Error is your way to discover your true self

You can be now at school, university or in your 9 to 5 job, but you are always confused about why you can’t adapt with life, why everything seems to be controlling and you should go with the rules, you might be in a continual thinking how to figure out how to make every aspect of your life balanced and in harmony with stressful life, but the hard part is that you are stacked with plenty of stressful life aspects, which is hard for you to figure out what to do!

You know you are doing the best you can, but still can’t smell success, you work harder, quit thinking and want to survive well being, have no time to do more and is calm with the fact that life is the way it is, but from the inside you are burning with desire to reach success and happiness, but can’t unleash your dragon, because every time you show anything from it, you get disappointed, that’s only because success is not about doing... (See also: Why Are Most Foods Junk)

Success is about Being

First you should be the person you want to reach success with, then do what make you successful, to have what you want to have; success is not about reaching some destination to be successful and happy having, success is about exploring yourself to discover who you are, to reach happiness in the time being, which is the ultimate success of self assurance, after that you can step your first baby steps to reach success; whatever you feel success is, you should first be the happy self-assured person about what you are doing and then go through success because... (See also: I Did Everything In My Life, But...)

Success is all about Being … doing … having

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