Exam Confidence Booster

Sure you want to boost your confidence in exams but how to boost your confidence in exams? first you need to separate your self from anyone and any outer environment, and this only comes by being confident about yourself and being confident comes by being genuine.

Many students talk about subjects or a certain subject that it is bad, hard or boring, listening to those students - specially students who are in the same year as you and never know anything about the subject before - will affect your studying for these subjects if you listened to such compliments.

What I mean here is to listen to elder students only who experiences the entire subject before and build a good impression about the subject, this way you will build a good impression for the subject too and this will boost your confidence in this subject. (See also: 5 Exam Confidence Boosters You Must Know)

Exam Confidence Booster

Here are some points to know so that you can boost your confidence through exams:-

  • Consider your own point of view: there are students who are lazy and have had bad studying experience, you can find those students in your class talking about certain subjects from their own point of view. If you listened to those students and consider their own point of view, you will risk having false beliefs about these subjects and this will affect your grades eventually. (See also How To Study Like Crazy)
  • Be genuine: being in your teenager phase makes you always think that you need something so that you can be genuine, like doing a certain hair style and looking differently than your peers. Having your own style which is not the same as anyone living, will raise your confidence between your colleagues and this can make you study in ways that nobody study with so that you can get grades better than anyone else.
  • Put ear pieces (ex: cottons): this is a way to eliminate noise distraction and boost your exam confidence because sounds around you may make you think outside of the exam paper which is not good unless you want to use your ears for cheating which is totally not recommended for your exam confidence at all. (See also How To Get High Grades At School In The Most Bad Circumstances)
  • Straighten up your back: sitting with an upright back will make the blood circulation to move better than when you are not sitting upright. This will make you confident about your answers and will make blood circulate in your brain so that you can answer better than any time before. (See also: How To Be Confident In Exams)
  • Make sure you are breathing: it is normal when the human being is stressed or anxious to forget about breathing and this can make the human more stressed and anxious, make sure to breath consciously so that you access your entire brain and this will make you more confident about your answers in exams.
  • Solve lots of previous years exams: a recent study showed that to boost confidence you should do the thing you want to build confidence in many times, in this case solving similar exams to the exam you are about to solve is the best idea, and it comes in the day of revision
  • Don't use new gadgets in the exam: many students buy new gadgets so that they can use them in their exams, but instead use your own gadgets in exam that you used to study with and don't use new pens and gadgets for the exam, this way you will feel more relaxed and confident in exams time. (See also: How To Be A Good Leader At Work)

It is all about treating the exam as any other exam you have solved at home, and to do so, you must simulate exams time at home or anywhere that you can solve exams in so that you simulate the time of exams.

StrongerStudents is an encyclopedia for study skills found nowhere else on the internet, it is not some theoretical study tips that look good but have no effect but rather a place where you can find real study skills and life skills that were tested and showed excellent results presented in a simple way that you can understand and apply.

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