From Traditional Education To Free Learning VisionThrough our daily routine, we are exposed to tremendous influential media; especially which now we are in the technology age and medias can be viewed right to kids’ fingertips, without any supervisory or directing.

Parents are always concerned about medias that influence their kid's life, especially when their kid reach the age of their second half being a teenager, which make it hard enough to supervise or direct their teens, and this might make teens fall as a prey to undesired routs that keep parents on continues worries.

Moreover, parents might find a solution and start controlling their kids’ activities by blocking some technology devices and relationships, based on their fears about their kids.

The controlling attitude might make parents feel either guilty, because their teen's friends are having fun with their technology devices and relationships, or acting cool with their teens, thinking that they can disguise their controlling attitude from their teen in a way that is more friendly and less controlling.

That's why, there must be an inner trigger from teen inner self to keep a teen on track, and this is what the above diagram illustrate.

A normal teen know what school subjects he/she will be taking, and this happen every year, he surrender for his parents desire and life essentials, that he should do his/her duty to go everyday to school and study hard, without knowing why he is or she is doing so, all what he/she knows is that his/her purpose in life is to get high grades or at least pass his or her school year without knowing the true meaning or why he or she is doing so, and this is what traditional education limit our minds to do, it limit our minds to know the reasons why.

This attitude is making your teen helpless to know his/her life purpose, and all what he or she is waiting for, to find a suitable time where he/she could have fun, and here comes the problem, which is, most teens personal lives is unrelated to their school lives.

Without an inner self trigger for your teen surrounded by students who know their life purposes, school life and personal life will always be unrelated, and this is what most of the students have after graduation, they have two lives, professional life and personal life.

To solve this problem, life purpose must be their number one priority. Strengthening your kid with the right knowledge and the community who can support your kid, an inner self trigger will be born, this is what is concerned about.

Teen inner self-trigger of self-awareness from self-worth, self-esteem, self-satisfaction and self-confidence, can make your teen have better traditional education accomplishments and professional life after graduation. can help your teen trigger his or her self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence, through free learning techniques so that he or she have better self-awareness. They can also join a community that have the eagerness to know their life purpose. (Join now, free for the first 100 members. Value $120) contains simple and easy to digest posts, which can spotlight what your teen must focus on in his or her life, to reach maximum potential, and this is as a start up.

In a nutshell, inner self-awareness for teens is a continual coaching process that can be through a community that can support him/her, that's why gather teens in one place to Free Learn and influence themselves in a teen friendly environment. was founded in the middle of 2011, reached 10,000+ hits per month, 100,000+ visits so far, and changed hundreds of students to succeed in their traditional education life and their professional life after graduation.

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