Why do I hate studying so much

Everybody hate to be controlled and we all like freedom, don't you like it? Sure you do, but what is freedom and what kind of control should we like?

Freedom is a state of mind where you can think and express your thoughts without any external control, while control is any external bias that may change or direct these thoughts...

Studying is a matter of biasing your thoughts with external source of thoughts that you deny because of false beliefs about school and the subjects you study, so you feel controlled eventually, which you hate...

Look at most homeless, school dropouts and non-educated individuals in your sociaty, they are missing a big discipline in thier life, I know, there are high school dropouts that are poineers in what they are doing and that's because they knew about thier "passion" and they followed it which is another subject that we can talk about later...

Now, did you know the psychology behind hating studying so much, it's because it control you and you like freedom, everybody do but what should you do to get over this hatered?

Why do I hate studying so much

John was at school but his first problem at school was that he hated studying so much, so whenever he sits to study he end up concentrating on something else, that overall it makes him hate studying although he likes reading.(See also Concentration Problems).

John once told himself that he will consider studying his subjects as reading that he likes, but he found that although he is forced to read something that he don't like, he found that studying needs a special kind of practice and concentration. (See Understanding Skills and How to get high marks in exams)

Why do I hate studying so much in points

John invented some techniques that made his studying more lovely and these techniques also increased his ability to gain more information and increased his memory capability as it made him learn more easily and simply.

These techniques are as following:-

  1. He linked his studies with images he likes (this technique needs some sort of open mind so as you can link the things you should study with weird or uncommon things), this way you combined bitter drinks with honey that will make the drink much more lovely, this is the effect of connecting unlikely subjects with images you like.

  2. He highlighted words and phrases that refers to different things by different colours so as to link it in his mind, this way he made the subject more cheerful by colouring it with cheerful colours. (See also The Elementary Blocks To Visualize While Studying

  3. He summarized subjects by doing maps in plane full-scape papers so as to revise it as quick as possible, this way he draws maps for the subject that will make it much more easier for him to revise it and will make him love studying.

In short, you should link what you don't like with things that you like, this way you will like it more.

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