How To Concentrate Better While Studying

How to concentrate better while studying. How are you today? in my previous article how to increase concentration in studies I explained how distraction can decrease your concentration while studying and how distraction is divided to several distractions and you may have more kinds of distractions.

Apparently decreasing distractions will definitly increase your concentration.

So now do you think that there are certain people with certain concentration powers that they can sit for long hours concentrating on their studies, do you have that illusion of the power thing that may make you fail rather than increase your performance? take care because that may destroy your way of thinkin, i am not trying to tell you that there are nothing called powers in any field but there are people with more knowledge, that know more than others that can succeed because of thier knowledge and here we can say knowledge is power, so concentration is nothing but knowledge - you will have - reading this post.

How To Concentrate Better While Studying

  • Indulge in studying: How can you indulge in studying? Have you ever think abour this? You should search about something you get indulged in and connect what you are studying with it, for example you may like car models, so connecting studies with car models will make you more concentrate in it, like connecting ferrari, mercedes and BMW and imagining them with the sentence "far more than you imagine and beyond" far for ferrari, more for mercedes and beyond for BMW and by this way you will be able to remember the sentence by heart.
  • Open your mind:Open your mind to think freely in whatever things you want and linking it to what you are studying, you can connect numbers with things you eat, characters with things you wear and whenever you find you cannot connect a word with a thing, just divide this word into characters and connect each character with something you can remember, for example: you can remember the word "heart" by separating the letters "h" to a chair because the h looks like a chair, "e" with an eye because the e looks like an eye, the "a" with a pregnant old lady and finaly the "t" with the "+" plus sign.
  • Sit in a quiet place: Sure sitting in a quiet place makes you focus more and decreases noise distraction, but there are more types of distractions that you should take into considerarion, like thoughts distraction which is the most powerful distraction and others.
  • Control your mind: A fact says that concentration happens naturally, you focus on something by nature, you don't have to excert any effort to focus on something, but a recent study showed that if you stop wandering around with your thoughts you will increase your concentrations powers and this is a secret that a little knows about.
  • Turn outer inviroment to help you: stop using calculators and use your mind instead to calculate numbers, read more in the subject that you are interested in and watch movies and documentary about the subject this way you will increase your knowledge towards it as you will be knowing more than others.

    Note: you should balance your studying among all subjects not to focus and one and forget one.

  • Talk about the subject: it is known that when the jar is full of water it spilt water when more water is added, so talking about your subjects is an indication that you studied quite well, but if you didn't fake it untill you make it, have the confidence to talk about your subjects, don't fool yourself or anybody and study well.

How To Concentrate Better While Studying

How to concentrate better while studying. These are some ways to make you concentrate better at your studies hope you enjoy and practice these points, wish you all the best and please share the word with others on facebook, twitter and real life :)

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