How to get Energy for Studying

Your energy through the day varies according to the time of the day, so you can choose the best time to study your subject through your day. (See also How to manage your time effectively)

This is important because you may be studying some subjects in the wrong time, which may affect your performance and your good marks after all. (Read Business And The Dominoes Effect)

High energy times are for practical subjects and low energy times are for history, geography, literature, novels and stories which are subjects that needs reading else, there are times of rise and fall which are the best times to meditate on. (Read Why Are Most Foods Junk)

What are the energy through the day?


The image above shows the peek times where you are the most energetic through the day and when you are the least energitic so that you can take some rest. (Read How To Make A Friend Of Your Devil, Your Mind)

High energy through the day can make you study more practical subjects like mathematics, second or mother language grammar, biology, chemistry, economics and subjects that needs high thinking powers. (Read What To Do After Exams)

Times from 4 till 7 and before sleeping everyday are good for literature, novels and stories; it is preferred not to study these subjects while you are on bed because you must be in the posture of studying (your preferred studying posture). (See also How to Study English Well)

The figure shows the two peak points through the day and the down times (4 to 7 and before you sleep). (Read How To Concentrate On Studies While Working)

The same figure can illustrate your energy through the week, energy are on the peak at the beginning of the week and decreases through the second and the third day, and starts increasing in the 4th and the 5th day, then at the week ends it's time to relax and chill out.

How to get Energy for Studying

Something to consider, there are two techniques to deal with the energy diagram, either the technique that I previously considered, which is to use the high energy times to study the subjects that need thinking, or to make a reverse action for the energy diagram, or semi-reverse action. (Read How To Solve Assignment Problems)

This means to push yourself to do the hard work in the down times through the day (4 till 7) and before sleeping, and the easy work in the peak times, this means you are hard working and this will free some space in peak times for meditation or any other activity or exercises.

The reverse way through the energy diagram brings you more energy for studying.

This information seems to be familiar for you but you need to know it to do what is preferred for you to do.

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