How to Revise for Exams

It gets harder for Mai to revise before exams as fear crawl below her skin, and she feels that she didn't revised well for exams, and that she will probably find some new parts she didn't went through her entire year, so the only solution for her to forget about exams is to sit on her computer surfing facebook, youtube and google until she feel tired procrastinating all the required work to the next day.

Mai have a problem in managing her time as she don't have specific times for each subjects, she study what she feels like studying at any time, so this may lead her to a big problem, it's like opening the door wide for different thoughts to enter her mind without managing it, which is totally wrong.

She have only 2 weeks before exams to revise her 6 subjects, as she feel it is too short period, she decided to revise for her first exam subject at the end, before she begins the exams.

She also gave each subject equal time of 2 days to revise for it and once these two days are over for a certain subject, she will leave it and study the other one in her schedual weather she finished revising it or not.

That was a good decision she took, leaving equal time of 2 days for studying her subjects is a good idea, but what is better is to leave more days for bigger subjects and lesser days for subjects that don't need much studying.

And for her fear to disappear, ask yourself what is the worst thing that will happen, will you fail the exams that will lead you to drop out of school, will you get sick before exams that won't make you able to enter exams, imagine that you will die before exams, and this is the end of days for you, is this the worst case that you could experience.

Cheer up, there are nothing from what I mentioned will happen, you will study well, enter exams and solve them with great success as long as you are here to help yourself, so there is no place for fear here :)

How to Revise for Exams

Revising for exams should be the time of having fun, solving practical questions, solving exams and preparing for the exam.

If you studied well during the year, this should be the situation for you, but if you didn't study that good and want to study at the day of the exam there are ways to do this, which will help you study for the exam fast as I was used to use these ways.

Here how to revise for exams:-

  • Move through the subject in sequence :first things first, remember that the exam will come in the sequence of the subject, so studying the subject in sequence makes it better for you to remember the subject well. it is so important to remember the previous point while revising, as studying in sequence and solving each chapter questions will make it so easier for you to read and solve the exams.
  • Study the subject several times :if you are interested about the subject and have time to finish studying it several times as it will be better to finish it several times.
  • Solve exams : solve as many exams as possible, this will help you psychologically to be prepared, because at the end you will solve an exam so preparing yourself psychologically is part of studying well.

At the end, it is better to revise for exams than to study for them as you will find the revision time a time where you can grow your creativity to contain all different questions that may come during exams.

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