How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently FREE

It takes some confidence to read, write and speak English well and here confidence means practice, so whenever you practice your English more, your English will become better, but here comes a problem how can i practice English when all my neighbors and family members are from the same mother tongue of mine? and here is the big dilemma, why do you want to speak English fluently? is it all about talking once or twice a year with someone you know in English or is it for a higher purpose?

You want to speak English but you don't know why, you don't have a higher purpose to speak English and you are still asking yourself why don't you speak English fluently and confidently.

How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently free

  1. Find a purpose: the purpose may be to record videos for your business, to speak fluently with an interviewer, which is so simple if the interviewer speaks your same language, because it only takes some confidence to show him that you speak English Fluently.

    there should be a higher purpose for you to speak English fluently and confidently, never think that because you only want to speak English fluently that mean you will be able to speak English, or because you will take an English course that means you will speak English after the course, that's totally wrong.

  2. Pretend you are good in English: don't always blame education in schools that it is the reason why you don't speak English fluently and confidently, unless there is a need to speak English, you will find a way to speak it but if you want to speak English but you have no goals you will lose your way, it's like knowing nothing about English and went to England, won't you be able to speak English fluently after a small period of time?

  3. Know some grammar :Grammar is important but what is more important than grammar in speaking is vocabulary, because vocabulary is your way to express yourself whether you know grammar or you don't know and grammar will come after wards.

  4. Learn from the dictionary: learning vocabulary from a dictionary, make you more confident while expressing yourself in English, because it gives you a variety of words to express from.

  5. Think in English: you think in your mother language (say Arabic), if you think in English it will be much more easier for you to speak Enlgish afterwards.

  6. Translate articles: Translating and guessing what is written in an article is a good way to understand who is talking to you as a whole.

So you want to speak Enlgish right? build your confidence first and go speak English the way you want.

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