How to Study Hard without getting Bored

How to study hard without getting bored is like switching between tv ChannelsDid you ask yourself before where do boredom come from?

Imagine you are watching TV and all what you do is switching from channel to channel, what do you feel while you are switching from channel to channel? you might think that you are feeling nothing, but this is not the right answer. (Read Why Do I Feel Bored At School)

You are only spending some time switching from channel to channel, but if you look more deeply on your situation, you will find that you are sitting on your couch, you are focusing on each channel and analyzing its content quickly to take a decision whether you will keep the channel or not, you might sit like this for a long time without getting bored. (Read How Not To Get Bored While Studying)

If you still didn't get what I am trying to explain here, then in brief, switching from subject to subject is the key solution to study hard without getting bored.

How to study hard without getting bored in points

  • Study each hour a different subject: this is the secret to study hard without getting bored, since you knew what you should do, the next thing to do is to keep switching from subject to subject each hour, this will ensure you will keep sitting on your chair, will ensure continues studying for long times and will decrease your boredom to a great extent, your boredom will almost demolish
  • Enjoy Studying: here are some points to enjoy studying:-
  • Think Boundlessly: Bounded thoughts may be the reason why you get bored while studying, to know how to study without getting bored you should think boundlessly, you should remove all your beliefs that studying is boring, useless and not worth your time, you should also find a way to play with what you study, merging your play time with what you study is the ultimate goal that you should reach. (Read Why You See Teachers Gripping Your Life)
  • Think Wide: Think about several subjects together, connect the subject that you don't like with those that you like, this is your way to think wide, thinking wide is no more than opening your thinking pattern and make your thoughts flexible as much as possible, you can also connect things from real life that you like, to boring things in your subject like connecting cricket rules (an indian game) with math rules. (See also IMPORTANT: The Elementary Blocks To Visualize While Studying)
  • Think Big: Have a vision, if you don't have one, put yourself one, putting a big vision for yourself makes you study without feeling tired, bored or even exhausted, like having a vision to join a reputable college department and at college, or to have a vision to live a life that you can help others with.
  • Link Boring Things To Enjoyable Things: Say you enjoy playing game boy, why don't you enjoy Mario levels with studying chapters? (Read Why Students Hate Studying)
  • Link Common Things To Uncommon Things: Why don't you link clouds with the spots in a cow? this is a simple example, another example is that you can link uncommon words like sikosiko (any word) to refere to psychology.
  • Enjoy!: finally enjoy studying, think loud, make songs of paragraphs, dance and do what ever things that will make you enjoy studying.

If this article was useful for you, here is part two of it.

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