How To Study Hard Without Getting Bored Part Two

how to study hard without getting bored part two. in part one of this article i said that to enjoy studying, thinking about special needed students and studying each hour a different article are all ways to study hard without getting bored, in this article i will approach this subject with a different prospective.

How to study hard without getting bored part two

Since thoughts are the most thing we use while studying I'll be talking about thoughts is this article and how to change it while studying not to get bored.

in a previous article i wrote earlier about how to study without getting bored i said that thinking boundlessly, linking things that you like to things that you don't like and connecting uncommon things to common things are all ways to decrease boredom while studying, so lets now talk about how to study hard without getting bored part two.

How to study hard without getting bored part two in points

  1. To study hard without getting bored you have to study things from different subjects each hour, studying from different subjects keeps your mind refreshed for more, and keep you out of being bored of studying.

    For example: if you are interested in studying a certain subject like social studies, you can begin your studies by studying social studies and then study any other subject that you are not interested much about it, like math, and then return back studying a subject that you are interested in, like history, and then study a subject that you are not interested in, like chemistry and it goes on.

  2. Thinking twice is better that thinking once: studying more than once is better than studying once because you become more familiar with the subject, with the questions you solve and decrease your worries about the exam, this is the most effective way to study hard.
  3. Scan reading your subjects: this technique comes when you become the most familiar with your subject, you become more creative and study the subject easily and quickly you can even study more than one subject in a day which decrease your boredom but this technique most probably comes at the end of the year.
  4. Exercise between each time frame (or each hour), do push-ups and some crunches, this way you break the boredom you feel each time.

    A recent study showed that boredom comes from stagnant thoughts or thoughts that comes from one source which makes you think the same thoughts each time you open this certain subject, and to kill boredom you should shack these thoughts by studying different subjects each hour, also exercising shack the blood in your brain to change your thoughts.

  5. Meditation (by prayers five times a day) also is good way to kill boredom while studying hard, it relax your mind, empty some space for more info to come in and give you the energy to study more without getting bored. (for more information read How to Study Hard)

how to study hard without getting bored part two. please feel free to share this article to your friends and the world :) does not contains complex ideas that looks good but are hard to be done, but instead it contains a deep understanding for your mind and how it works which will help you study much more harder and get less bored.

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