How To Study Hard Without Getting Bored Part Two

In part one of How to study hard without getting bored i said that to enjoy studying, studying each hour a different subject is a way to study hard without getting bored, in this article i will continue talking about this subject by emphasizing some techniques.

How to study hard without getting bored part two

Since thoughts are the most thing we use while studying, I'll talk about thoughts in this article and how to change it while studying not to get bored.

I said earlier in how to study without getting bored that linking things that you like to things that you don't like and connecting uncommon things to common things, are all ways to decrease boredom while studying, so lets now talk about how to study hard without getting bored part two.

How to study hard without getting bored part two in points

  1. To study hard without getting bored: you have to study different subjects each hour, studying different subject keeps your mind refreshed for more, and keep you out of being bored of studying. For example: if you are interested in studying a certain subject like social studies, you can begin your studying day by studying social studies and then study any other subject that you are not interested about, like math, and then return back studying a subject that you are interested in, like history, and then study a subject that you are not interested in, like chemistry and this goes on till the end of the day.
  2. Scan read your subjects: Scan reading is about moving quickly with your eyes on each page to find something that you know about the page and then switch to the next page. This technique can be best done at the end of the year when you have taken your entire subject and know more about your subject than any time else. Scan reading will make you finish the subject more than one time which is a great method to boost your confidence about the subject.
  3. Exercise between each time frame (or each hour): Do push-ups and some crunches after each hour, this way you break the boredom you feel each hour. A recent study showed that boredom comes from stagnant thoughts or thoughts that comes from one source, which make you think the same thoughts each time you open a certain subject, and to kill boredom you should shack these thoughts by studying different subjects each hour, also exercising shack the blood in your brain to change your thoughts.
  4. Meditation: Meditation is good way to kill boredom while studying hard, it relax your mind, empty some space for more info to come in and give you the energy to study more without getting bored. (for more information read How to Study Hard)

Studying hard is about sitting for long hours to study your subject, and this comes at the time of exams, and without having some techniques not to get bored, studying hard can be a hard thing to pursuit, that's why you should always try innovative techniques to study hard without getting bored so that you accomplish your studies better.

Doing mistakes through my Traditional Education was a taboo because those who do mistakes are considered less smart students, so I studied hard my entire Traditional Education phase to realize at the end that this is not the type of success I am looking for, so I am creating mine by teaching students that they should have self-awareness to succeed in life.

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