How to Concentrate in Studies for Long Hours

Since I was in Engineering college and I already have concentration issues through my school time, I struggled a lot with the major I was in which is Electronics and Communication Engineering specially because it needs special kind of concentration powers

Being under stress for long times can kill concentration and this what I was always in, trying to focus on my studies but my mom keep entering my room to ask some questions I consider silly, horning cars in the outside with the most sound pollution that can make you crazy, my emotional stress to get the highest marks among my friends and my family members and my burning desire to succeed however bad the outer environment is.

Sometimes I can see everything from the dark side only, others I feel a real pain in my head but I have one and only route to move on, to succeed with the highest grades.

This happens every time I am studying, until I reached what I wanted with the level of success I wanted to know the truth that there is no secrets behind concentration, I reach what my burning desire want me to reach whatever the circumstances are.

Feeling stressed was my message that tells me that everything want me to succeed with the grades I want, my mom who comes every now and then to ask what I called silly questions, was there to take care of me, the sound pollution everywhere is there because the person doing it never succeeded on anything he or she wanted to succeed in, my inferior complex about myself and my family generated my superior will to reach the highest grades I wanted

You have a dream you have to protect it

What are the environment around you look like? Does it even matter? Go for what you want because you are the only person on this earth who know yourself better than anybody else, you know what you want to reach and know how to reach it, whatever the circumstances around you looks like

You have a dream you have to protect it

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