How to Concentrate in Studies for Long Hours

Did you asked yourself before how can I naturally increase my concentration?

Some students thinks they can gain more concentration for thier studies by focusing their eyes or by eating food that increase concentration, while these things might be some tips but is their some secrets to increase your concentration on studies?

Ask yourself why do you learn by heart some commertials in the tv and that gets your attention and why you don't have any weight for other commercials on tv - and I am talking about commercials here because they are fast and catchy -.

The answer is simply because something in that particular commercial touch something in you and the others didn't, you don't even know what other commertials talks about...

The same goes for studying, you remember and learn by heart the parts that touch you and you don't like to study what doesn't touch you

The psychology behind concentration is that your childhood experiences that built your emotions, feelings and thinking patterns are all responsible for your concentration and that's why you have no control on what you concentrate on and on what you don't concentrate on

Then How Do I Increase My Concentration

Concentration can be increased by knowing what touchs you the most and start connecting what you don't concentrate on with what touchs you

For example: Say that you like checking facebook alot and the most news feeds you read is about parties, so you start checking pictures and events to know where will you spend your vacation, the most thing you like about parties is that you have alot of fun socializing with new people from the other sex to make a good relationship later on

That's what you like (or you name it) and spend most of the time concentrating on, here you should connect your studies that you don't concentrate on with the parties you like and with what you like the most about the other sex you like to meet in these parties

Here are some practical points on How to Concentrate in Studies for Long Hours in Points

  1. Write on papers: While studying, you should be writing in papers, try to use new papers each time you study and to throw old papers even if it was from a day before, the main thing is to keep your desk clean from papers each time you study, writing things you study keeps you concentrating.(see also how to build good study habits)
  2. Stick to your chair: sit on your chair the most time you can without going every now and then for any thing to do -i don't want to mention such things, not to stick in your mind and do it subconsciously-, you can take breaks between each sit and sit, but try sitting on the chair the most time you can. see also memory techniques for studying
  3. Stand up when you feel sleepy or can't concentrate: it is known that the most posture for concentration is standing up, so standing up while you are sleepy makes you more wake up and more focused. (See also How to study hard)
  4. Study things immediately after explanation: teachers/doctors explain things to you, study things you take immediately after finishing explanation. see also How to study hard without getting bored

This was an excerpt of what is written in my book 3 Hours (Your Exams Guide) that explains exactly how to solve exams and how to study for exams fast, wish you all the best.

How to Study for Long Hours

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