How to Concentrate in Studies for Long Hours

Concentration is when you are conscious about what you are reading or listening which mean you understand what you are learning when you learn it, the question is, how to increase the time you understand what you are learning?

The worst lack of concentration is when you decide to leave studying and postpone it to some other time, this is when you should learn how to concentrate in studies for long hours

How to Concentrate in Studies for Long Hours

The most important fact about concentration is to keep sitting for long hours, and to do so you should:-

  1. Keep studying even if you don't understand what you are studying.
  2. Change your technique to have more fun while studying. (See more: The elementary blocks to visualize while studying)
    1. Visualizing fun scenes you like and linking them to what you are studying.
    2. Visualizing more senses while you are studying. (Taste, smell, sounds, feel and colors)
    3. Change the subject to a subject you like studying and this is only if you are not studying for an exam.
    4. Stand or walk while studying this subject to decrease boredom.
    5. Read with a heard voice.
  3. Explaining what you are studying to a colleague will make you study for long hours while concentrating.
  4. Taking a private course for the subject will make you more concentrating in the subject.
  5. Sitting on the front benches will make you concentrate more while studying at home.

If the environment you are living in suffer form sound pollution:-

  • Horning cars
  • One of your family members keep entering your room to talk with you (mom, dad, brother or sister)

Which make you unfocused on what you are studying, you should get used to these sounds and filter it with your mind by not focusing on it and being bothered from it, this only come when you believe and admit that you are deficit to change the environment around you but you can change yourself to cope with environment.

Knowing that you are deficit to change people, things or places to an extent, is so essential to get higher marks than your friends, the one and only thing you are not deficit to change is yourself, that's why you should keep changing yourself so that you can concentrate on what you are studying the best as you can.

This is when your dream is the most precious thing you have, so that you have to protect it the best way you can.

I always thought that getting higher grades in traditional education was the way to succeed in life after that. I have got high grades in school and graduate from the college that I was always dreaming to join - engineering -, but found that there is nothing much different than any other student that graduate from any college. Moreover, I felt that I have had made much more effort than other students, until I found that succeeding in life is about learning more about life not traditional education. That's why is concerned about teaching students how to be successful in life, because free learning is your life challenge that will make you stronger than any other person.

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