How to Enjoy Studying

You must break all mind boundaries and think freely, and since studying is all about thoughts and ideas you insert into your mind, find the interesting thoughts that you find interesting and start linking titles, bodies and conclusions of the subject to these interesting thoughts and this is your way to enjoy studying, simple right?

This was a brief summary about how to enjoy studying but there are also other ways that you may find interesting.

How to Enjoy Studying

  • Find the subjects that you enjoy the most and study between them subjects that you are not interested in: I think I said it all, and for those who want some more explanation; you sure find some subjects to be interesting, study these subjects first then study a non interesting subject and then study an interesting subject to you, this way you will enjoy studying much more.

  • Do interesting things in between studying with the same concept: it is important to mention that making interesting things to you may take your time, so you should be aware of this part, so not to be wasting your time while you don't know

  • Some examples about the things that are interesting to one self are: watching tv, surfing facebook, blogging, surfing internet, play station ... etc. it will be wonderful if you do something useful like blogging which will make you happy and will make you gain money in the long term, and the faster you have taken the action of blogging the better it will be, but it may need some money from you at first and some knowledge for sure.

  • Meditate: Meditation regularly give you the patience and the strength to study hard, it may make you also relaxed and will give you ideas to study in more fun ways

  • Study with reliable friends: Studying with friends make studying have more fun and make sure these friends are reliable not to lose your time giggling every now and then, or playing every now and then also, just play or giggle out of studying every hour or two for 10 to 20 minutes.

  • If you are studying with your laptop: Make sure that you are closing every notification is your computer not to get distracted (internet, emails, chatting ... etc.) also you can hide the clock in the bottom right not to get distracted every minute by looking to the clock, and you can know the time by any external ways, this will free your mind from looking to the clock every time, because it will become addictive.

the most important point in all these is the bounded free thoughts, because this is the most effective way to enjoy studying more, and to think in more freely way.

I always thought that traditional education is my way to learn more about life, but every other year in traditional education was nothing different than its previous year, more over ending it with higher grades was a life mission that is translated for me to life success which was highest priority. Till I finished traditional education and found that I am facing life without life success skills, so I undertake myself to learn more about life success equation and is part of this equation.

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