How To Study Hard

Everybody have his own ways of studying but what you will read next is a tried out practical solution that proved success with over 97% result in exams, and to manage your time is your way to study hard.

How To Study Hard

If you reached this page because you want to study hard, so you should have the spirit of studying hard, good time managing, quiet environment, good reading and memorizing skills, v.good understanding skills, a way to brainstorm and after all the love of getting high marks.

How To Study Hard

Here is the best way I tried earlier for two years that will definitely manage your time in an excellent way:-

The best way to manage your time

According to what I did, I divided my day to 5 parts according to the prayers accordingly:-

  1. From dawn 5:00am till 12:30pm:This is the best time to study long subjects that needs lots of studying like physics, chemistry.
  2. From 1pm till 3:30pm: it's better to have a nap in this time.
  3. From 4pm till 7pm:a good time to practice practical subjects and to study medium to short subjects like math.
  4. From 7:30pm to 8:30pm:you can prepare for what you will study after that by quick reading your preferred subject and the subject that you like.
  5. From 9pm till 12am:study literature,novels and stories and subjects that needs lots of reading.

Managing your time accordingly will increase your excellent technique to study hard, and will increase your memory capabilties, and your concentration power, never imagine that there are students out there with higher power or whom are smarter than you it's all illusions that breaks you down and which are not helping when ever you want to do something big.

Learn from my previouse experience, yes there are students with more knowledge about the subjects but that is only because they did more effort to show other students that they are worthy the marks, be one of them and know more by reading more and you will be able to study harder, or that is the real way to study harder and harder.

How to study hard is all about how to manage your time, don't get confused because i talked about time management, and that's only because time management is the core of getting high marks.

you can do this schedule in holidays and in school time it's better to study once you return home as your brain have 30% from what you have been taught and you can increase it to 70% by immediate studying, and this is how to study hard.

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