How To Track Your Personal Defects For Ultimate Social Life Success (Part 2)

In part one of this post, I talked about several personal defects for ultimate social success, but there are still more to mention in this post, and even more through personalized inventory that you should start doing; these personal defects are only for illustration that you might relate to, let’s continue:-

What are Personal Defects? (Cont.)

Personal defects are the bad traits of person's personality that he or she needs not to act or react upon it, like:-

Control freak: it is the same when someone want others to act on what he or she believes in, for example, when someone want his or her parents to think and act in a more modern way, because he or she believes in modern life, so he/she starts controlling their parents’ weird actions by asking them to change their actions; another example, is when parents want their kids to follow a track in life they believe in, while it may be not be what the kid want; tracking the control freak thought to prevent the action that is based upon this thought, will help this person to accept the fact that he or she is deficit to control people.

Passion insecurity: it is the same when someone always want from others to treat him or her in a warm-passionate way and he or she feel insecure if not; for example, someone would dial random phone numbers just to listen to someone who can listen to his or her voice; another example, when someone always want to listen to love and romantic songs; tracking passionate insecurity thought to prevent acting upon it, will help this person be more emotional intelligent.

Through your personalized inventory on your personal defects, you can discover personal defects that is not mentioned here, these personal defects was only a highlight on what personal defects can look like.

How can I Track my Personal Defects

If you are really serious about your ultimate social success in life:-

  • Make a daily inventory at the end of each day.
  • Make an inventory for your previous situations that are still memorable on a piece of paper.

This will let you see your personal defects upon your real life situations instantly while having a conversation with your peer and taking different reactions. (See also Why Do You Like To Watch Soccer)

You need first to recall and write all your previous situations that you remember through your life and how you react to them and then analyze your reactions in these situations, to get out the personal defects that your reactions were based upon.

You can get out of one situation many personal defects that was combined together for you to react the way you reacted.

After recalling and writing all your previous situations, you will find that a certain personal defect is repeated many times on different situations, you should then start tracking these personal defects in your future situations not to react upon it, then go to the next personal defect not to work on it, till you reach a mental state where you can track your personal defects on spot, and not to react upon it accordingly. (See also How NOT to Think Emotionally)

You might feel now that writing daily your personal defects, is hard work and why should I do so, and that is another personal defect which might be related to laziness or postponing; Anyways we all are born with personal defects, but those who take actions are the most successful.

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