How NOT to Think Emotionally

Thinking emotionally is when you take a decision to complete a goal and in your way to do the goal you changed your decision according to someone who you think about while reaching your goal.

It can be while taking any simple decision for a goal, it doesn’t have to be a big decision or a big goal, it can be a daily routine decision, for example:-

  1. You decided to get up from where you are sitting and to go make a cup of tea, while you were going to make the cup of tea, you remembered someone mocked you while you were making tea the day before, so you changed your decision to make a cup of coffee instead of a cup of tea.
  2. You decided to take an English course because you are weak in English, but while you are going to pay the course money, you remembered your school English teacher and how he was boring, so you decided not to take the English course, or you decided to take a French course instead.
  3. You took a decision to bring an expensive present for your friend for her birthday, but on your way to the shopping mall, you remembered a bad situation between you and her, so you decided to bring her a less expensive present, or you decided not to bring her a present.

These are all examples for emotional thinking, which are briefly described, as taking a decision and changing it on your way to make this decision for some reason that is related to someone. This is my definition for emotional thinking. (See also: How To Control Your Anger And Emotions)

How NOT to Think Emotionally

Accomplishing your first decision that you took, is the way not to think emotionally.

If you always think emotionally, i.e: You always take decisions related to someone else, then you must consider thinking in a more logical way, which means, to take decisions related to yourself, because thinking emotionally can waste your time and your life without recognizing so, and it has many disadvantages, like:-

  1. Being people pleaser : Being people pleaser is when you try hardly not to make anybody not pleased about your actions, including your talks, and this is impossible and can make you do actions that you are not convinced to do or don't align with your morals, which you will regret these actions in the close or far future. (See also: How Can I Increase My Self-Confidence)
  2. Taking crucial life decisions you are not convinced about: You can get married thinking emotionally, which means, you can get married because one of your close friends get married and not because you are convinced about the person. You can convince yourself after that, that the person is your soulmate, but you might be surprised after you get married that this person was not the right person for you. I know someone who have had gotten married to please her mother.

Thinking in an emotional way can also make you live a complex financial life, which is not based on simplicity or decisions which are fine with you. For example: You buy things you don’t want. (See also Business And The Dominoes Effect)

Most people who are shopping in the mall take emotional decisions when they buy their stuff, and the funny fact is that expert marketers, stress on people’s emotions when they market for their products, i.e: They make male-female relations to market for their products.

This also happens in your daily TV series watching, to keep you watching the TV series eagerly, it contains human relationships so that you keep on watching and imagining yourself instead of the star of the series.

These are all examples for you to know how emotional thinking happens, but if you are serious about your life you must not think in an emotional way , which means:-

  1. You must take decisions that you are convinced about: First of all you must know yourself, i.e:
    • What are your morals.
    • What are your life goals.
    • What do you want from life.
    • What is called success for you.
    • How you want to live your life. If you answered these questions, and your life purpose of high aims is crystal clear for you, you can start taking your first baby steps to move toward your life purpose.
  2. You must know your plan: There is a quote that says “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”, I am sure you heard this quote somewhere before, and this is totally right, living with a plan that can make you successful, will eventually make you successful, but if you are leaving yourself for life circumstances, i.e: Taking decisions according to people's' will, you are living a risky life, which means:- (See also: Free Study Skills Lesson Plans For Middle School)
  • You take loans depending on an emotional decision to get married, have a house and a car.
  • You spend for life essentials or accessories, using your credit card.
  • You invest time, effort and money away from your life success.
  • You eat emotionally, which will end up for you being overweight.
  • You don’t have time, effort and money for what will make you successful.

The first step for you to think in a non-emotional way is to know your life purpose, which is NOT one of the following :-

  • My life purpose is to pay for my family.
  • My life purpose is to pay my loans.
  • My life purpose is to see my kids better than me.

But instead:-

  • My life purpose is to be successful in what I like doing.
  • My life purpose is to be rich.
  • My life purpose is to be fit.
  • My life purpose is to have what I want.
  • My life purpose is to live a prosperous life.
  • My life purpose is to make a change.
  • My life purpose is to help people with my experience.

Your life purpose can be all of the above.

It is always said that, it only take one person to be successful, which is yourself, if you successfully change yourself, your life will follow.

Emotional thinking is not always bad, there are emotional thinking which is healthy for the group or the society, like:-

  • You might be driving to some destination and you stopped your car for someone to pass to the other side of the street.
  • You might also stop your car to give a homeless guy some money as you felt emotionally toward him.
  • You stopped by a shop, to know more how the business owner runs his shop.
  • You clicked on a Facebook link to know more about some news that can affect your family.

These are all healthy emotional thinking , which are healthy for the group or the society.

You must know that we are human beings that think emotional most of the time, but you have to be aware about these emotional thinking that might get you off track of your life goals.

Once your thoughts don't intrude your main life goals then they are considered healthy, in other words, once your decisions is aligned with your life purpose, so thinking emotionally may only decrease the speed to reach your goals and to speed up reaching your goals you have to avoid thinking emotionally most of the time.

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