How To Deal With Hallucinations

Definition of hallucinations: Hallucinations is the stream of thoughts that may or may not be related to reality. A person that have hallucinations experience lots of thoughts that can be contradictory to each other’s and can leave him with bad or wrong decisions that turns to actions that he may regret afterwards, the person who have hallucinations have no doubts that these thoughts can lead to wrong actions because he trust his decisions and his mind. (See also How To Deal With Anger)

Severe cases of hallucinations needs professional help from a psychiatry who can describe a medicine to decrease these stream of thoughts so that the person can live a healthier life.

Many self-help tactics that talk about positive thinking can confuse a person with more hallucinations as he might think of two or more positive thoughts in the same time and get confused which one to choose, he might get confused about a thought if it is negative or not because he believe that these thoughts will turn into actions and actions will turn into habits that he might don’t like and won’t make him successful.

To deal with hallucinations from its root you have to know how to have peace of mind which is a state of mind when you think about nothing even if you have to think about something you try not to think because thoughts will increase your hallucinations, it can be challenging to turn off your mind about thinking but this post will help you with it but let me first explain what will you do if you always try to stop thinking.

This thought is the main reason why many people who experience hallucinations don’t believe that they should always stop thinking and return to their natural state where they get what they should do from their surroundings. (See also How To Deal With Social Anxiety)

Whatever you believe in, whether you believe in God or not, or whether you are religious or have lack of religion having the sense that there is a higher power that loves and cares about you can be the source of receiving the messages while moving on in your life and this is how you will know what you should do in everything while trying not to think but how to try not to thinking?

Asking your higher power to remove whatever you think about whether it is negative, positive or whatever can help you not to think, it is by simply saying “please God release it from me” every time a thought occurs. This might look unconvincing because you already say it but nothing happened but it can happen by repeating it all the time till you have peace of mind when you say it.

This is not all what you can do, you can also share your thoughts in Trial and Error Academy and have a direct help from me because sharing your thoughts is one of the essential ways that can help you know what to do with members that love and care about you.

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