How To Deal With Social Anxiety

Definition of social anxiety: Social anxiety is the feeling of being anxious around people because of many reasons like feeling not accepted, feeling shy, lack of acceptance of others or any other reason.

A Story About Social Anxiety

John was always cared about from his mother while he was a child he always gets what he ask for and everybody around him liked him liked how he look how he act and how he was smart, he always felt special around his relatives and peers and he always seek to be special, he always believed in perfection and that he must do everything right in his life he never planned what life might be if he do something wrong in it that cannot be changed.

As he got older people around John cared about him lesser but he still feel special so he make actions to attract attention to make him feel special till he reached adolescence when he was more free from his family and relatives he felt he can do whatever he like apart from his family so he start doing things that he considered mistakes that cannot be changed so his feelings about being perfect was shacked and he started being more self-indulge as the time went by.

John now don’t like social gatherings because it makes him face his mistakes and remember that he is not the best one around the people he is among, he feels anxious around people and prefer to be alone than to engage with people in any social gathering, this is when John should know what he should do about his social anxiety not to be left alone all the time.

What You Should Do About Social Anxiety

If you find yourself related to John you should start learning some skills so that you feel ok around social gatherings. (See also How To Deal With People You Hate)

The first thing you should learn and teach yourself to do is to start giving without waiting for any return. Giving is the first thing that will help you with social anxiety and it can be done by giving money, love, help or engage in volunteering task.

Social anxiety is a result of feeling that you don’t want to care, love or emotions to people around you because when you do you feel some pain whether from the inside or because of the respond that you have gotten from who you gave the emotion so you decide to get rid of all this by being alone and stop doing any social activity no to this pain again.

Many self-help techniques motivate you to do things internally like changing your thoughts or behavior but when applying them you get confused about what to do. Self-help techniques grow laziness inside a person and without a person taking real actions real changes could hardly happen.

The second thing you should do is to know what is your role in the environment you are living in, ask yourself these questions:-

  • What will I do in this gathering if I don’t have social anxiety?
    • Say some jokes for people to laugh
    • Listen to what people is saying and feel what I should do
    • Enjoy my time in social gathering like other
  • What is my role in this gathering to do?

Dealing with social anxiety can be challenging and overwhelming for many people that’s why Trial and Error Academy was created to help people just like you to have help by sharing their feelings about social gathering directly from me.

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