How To Deal With Stress

Stress is the difficulty to receive or understand any new idea due to an increase of thoughts in one’s mind and this is the definition of stress.

Here are some symptoms for a person with stress:-

  • A person with stress can ask many questions to understand a simple problem.
  • He or she can hardly apply orders that is given to her.
  • He or she can hardly or wrongly understand what others are referring to
  • He or she prefer not to engage in a conversation.
  • He or she prefer to be alone and feels lonely accordingly.
  • He or she feels insecure even when this person is inside a locked room.
  • He or she has social fears.

A person with stress can hardly interpret situations and conversations in its real form and he always has a different vision for a life that suits his needs. Stress can lead the person to addiction, she can addict food, medicines, cosmetics, shopping, money, television or drugs. (See also How To Be Socially Intelligent)

A person with stress can have an unbalanced life and can hardly be helpful to people around him. (See also How to Deal with Hallucinations)

How To Deal With Stress

A person with stress - who has these symptoms and have the willingness to live stress free – should do the following:-

  • Talk about his thoughts in every suitable situation
  • Listen carefully to the feedback for whom he is talking to
  • Act upon

It is wrongly believed that the person should talk to an elder person or someone with special kinds of experience because it is preferred to choose a person with similar characteristics as you to talk with him/her in your thoughts. It is also preferred that this person have some experience with the subject of your thoughts.

An Example Of The Thoughts That A Stressed Person Can Talk About

Sarah have many thoughts that she feels shy to talk about it because she experienced bad feelings whenever she try to talk about these thoughts so she quit talking about it and have some problems like:-

  • She can hardly understand what is told to her
  • She is always fighting with people around her
  • She can hardly persist working on something
  • She is addicted to television

Sarah also was fired from work and she must do something about this problem. (See also How to Deal with People You Hate)

She believed as she grew up that she should not talk about some subjects which include:-

  • Sex
  • Relationships
  • Abuse
  • Hatred
  • Love

She suppress all her thoughts about these subjects so she became stressed after all.

What Did Sarah Did

 After she knew that she should talk about all her thoughts to a similar person she started feeling relieved after saying all what she have about her thoughts, she also started to revive her common sense and she was happy to engage with people around her and she shared love with people like never before, all of this have happened because she decided not to trust her thoughts and to ask for help from people around her whenever possible about any subject that she felt confused about knowing that his will her to see situations the closest to reality.

Sarah learnt how to be open minded by not judging people’s directions for her and by not judging people in general because she choose whom to share her thoughts with and make sure that this person have a similar subject for her thoughts.

Taking these steps Sarah lived a happier life now and people around her stopped being as teasing as before. (See also How To Deal With Anger)

You too can apply this technique of talking about your thoughts to someone who have a similar subject for your thoughts or join Tn’E Academy and have a direct help from me.

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