How to Learn About Money

I always had problems about money, I used to spend more than I earn to find myself borrowing money before the month comes to an end, I thought that my money problem was because of my paycheck and that it should be bigger so that I can have no money problems, so I decided to have a part-time job as a freelancer.

After increasing my income through the month, I also have had money problems, and my spending increased to realize that I didn’t solve my money problem but instead I was more into debt. (Read also Learn How to Manage Money Part 1)

I used to buy stuff using my credit card after my income is finished so I decided to learn about investment to realize that I have to know that money problems can be solved as following:-

  • I should name what I buy by a specific names
  • I should focus on certain parts of investment

The names I chose to name where I spend my money on, is as following:- (Read also Learn to Make Money)

  1. Money I spend on false luxury
  2. Money I spend on temporary luxury
  3. Money I spend on permanent luxury

I used to spend most of my money on false luxury and temporary luxury, some examples of false luxury is as following:-

Examples of temporary luxury is as following:-

  • Internet fees
  • Phone bills
  • Cloths
  • Electronics
  • Cheap vehicles

Examples of permanent luxury is as following:-

How to Learn About Money

I tried many ways before I come out with this way of learning about money, I used to put budget for the entire month, but I always break this budget to spend more than it by borrowing money from a relative. (Read also Smart Ways to Budget Your Money Part 1)

With the money I used to borrow, I used to buy the most essential things for me to keep this money the most time possible so now I ask myself each time I buy somethings “is this within the budget of borrowing the money?” if yes I buy it happily, if no, I replace it with something less expensive.

I successfully managed to be below the budget for two months now and I award myself by buying myself temporary luxury or permanent luxury at the end of the month so that I make the best use of the money left. (Read also Does Academic Qualification Ensure Success In Life)

Simply, learning about money is by trying different ways that suits you so that you can reach the most successful way for your status, you can also share your experience in Trial and Error Academy group and get help from me directly.

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