How To Make A Friend Of Your Devil, Your Mind

Make a friend of your devil, your mind

The real image for the well known shampoo, see the fake version.

Many times while I am surfing the internet, I stopped by curiosity when I find weird posts that might talk about aliens, devils, space ships, weird looking disease, extraordinary phenomenon, a screaming cake ...etc.; my curiosity makes me want to know more about this weird thing, so I might take a screenshot of the image or download it and search for it on Google images, or just copy-past the title and Google it directly to know about the story behind. (See also: Why Are Most Foods Junk)

When I know the story about this weird - let's say Facebook post that talks about a weird disease that is caused by a well known shampoo (image above) - and know the story behind it and most probably it is fake, I used to return back to the post and read the comments of whom commenting on it and who shared it, and a confusing feeling starts crawling my skin.

Moreover, sharing of this post are higher than average and have more likes than real useful posts.

This is when I realize that there is something missing that need to be mentioned in this post as following:-

How To Make A Friend Of Your Devil, Your Mind

The mind has defensive mechanisms that when it doesn't have what it believes it should have, it starts acting in an uncommon way in order to protect itself from any harm, in other words, if someone believes that he/she is worthy to be appreciated more for what he/she do, and he/she doesn't get the feeling of worthiness needed from the people surrounding him/her, he/she might act in an obviously uncommon way, like being aggressive, offensive, destructive, indifferent, criminal or in a self harming way.

This act is a defensive mechanism, the mind believes it should do to protect its ego of worthiness. (See also: Run Like The Arabian)

Some of the examples that are related to this defensive mechanism are:-

  • Acting in a devilish way, or in a way that might be translated that a devil is in control of the body.
  • Talking about uncommon beliefs to grab attention. (Read How do Negative Beliefs Affect You)
  • Shouting for no reasons.
  • Being obviously indifferent when he or she shouldn't.
  • Cutting oneself.
  • Sharing weird/illogic posts.
  • Talking about weird things to feel important.
  • Etc. (Anything that grab attention to show amazing impression)

The problem is that if the mind didn’t exert any extra effort to know the story behind what it thinks is impressive, it will eventually believes in amusing stories.

More over, the mind will not see things as it is in reality, and it will translate what the eyes can see in an unreal perspective.

That’s why, verifying every mind belief consciously, will make the mind see what the eyes look at.

I consider mind is like a pet, if I feed it right, it should act in good manners.

My mind feeding for me consists of:-

  • Healthy nutrition.
  • Body Exercise to enhance blood circulation.
  • Reading.
  • There are things which can enhance mind performance too, like meditation and others.

Mind feeding is essential to start seeing what's behind things not just looking at them.

If the mind is not given it's essentials, getting along in a natural way will be hard to pursuit.

That's why it's essential to treat your mind well

The same goes for you, if you aim high but don't know what you should do to reach these high aims, the first step for you is help yourself, by Googling anything that interest you to know about it, and then you can determine what matters for you and what matters less (See also: DO NOTHING If You Want To Succeed)

Success is a life journey, and speeding this journey is by helping yourself to grow more, learning about things that interest you the most, or by attending a course to know what you like, watching a video, asking for help, or you can wait till you are old enough to realize what matters for you the most, but at this point, you might have no much time or power to influence people who matters you the most about what you realized.

If you are still protecting what you know, take your next step to grow more, because growing is your way to free learn.

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