How to get high marks in exams

You sure want to feel the happiness and your peers envy for you when you get higher marks than them, while this can motivate you for a little while to get high marks, you should change the way you are motivated to be a long while or a life time self-motivation (See also Secrets To Study Smarter Not Harder)

Imagining yourself having high marks to be better than your friends and to watch your friends feeling bad because you get higher marks than them is not the target you should be looking after, you should have a better target that will help you get higher marks in exams and will help you fly higher than anybody else despite they are successful or not, it's all about your inner self talk

Serving humanity with your knowledge is the target you should be looking after which is summarized in helping others change their presence to a better future, so where should you begin? (See also How To Have A Vision)

You should begin with yourself, what do you feel when someone have had helped you without asking you for any return, "this guy is awesome". "I have to know him better", "Why did he helped me, is it because I look good, he want to know me, it's his honer to help me and other science fiction thoughts", "Let me try using him another time" and the least thing you think about is to be like him or to know why did he do this thing without any return? Questions needs to be answered... (See also: How To Make A Friend Of Your Devil, Your Mind)

So the first this you have to do is to change your intention towards having high marks, yes this is the main thing to have high marks in exams... (See also: Run Like The Arabian)

Your intention should be in the way of serving humanity, how will you help humanity when you get high marks in exams? Yes, when I get high marks in exams it will help me join any college I want to join, yes I want to help humanity and society to be better.... (See also I Did Everything In My Life, But...)

Ask yourself this question, how many people get high marks in their high school? Many, right? So how many people make use of this high marks? Few, right? Now, how many high school drop outs that we still remember their names? Many, right? So, it's not about getting high marks, it's about knowing what's your "passion" first that will help you help humanity and work towards it...

This is only about 3% from what is written in the ebook- 3 Hours (Your Exams Guide)- that explains exactly what you should do in exams time and guaranty for you getting high marks in exams by almost 100%.

How to get high marks in exams in points

  1. Solve Exams: Solving as many exams as possible will help you alot in making you ready for the real exam, this is really an important part to get high marks in exams, also reproducing the exams papers in another papers will make you understand the exams much more which is the most important part in solving exams (to understand the question of the exam).
  2. Study Hard: Studying hard comes by meditating 5 times a day, this will free some space in your mind, will make you relax and will increase your memory.
  3. Revise whenever possible: you can revise before you sleep, after you wake up and while you are bathing, and revising in your mind is more powerful from revising while the book is opened in front of you because you exercise your brain to memorize with an open book which is what will happen in exams time.

Many students think that getting high grades in an exam is all about studying harder than thier peers, moreover they studied hard previously but found no additional results for thier hard studying, 3 Hours (Your Exams Guide) is where you will learn how to make use of every minute of studying, because studying in the right way is what you need to know more how to do.

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