I Did Everything In My Life, But...

I heard a lot of stories from people I know personally and people I don’t know that much that says, “I did everything in my life”, and I was always wondering, “what is everything in life?”, but when he or she continues his/her story, I understand more…

The content of the speech was revolved around:-

  • Relationships.
  • Marriage and others.
  • Luxurious cars.
  • Different kind of drugs.
  • Large amount of pocket money.
  • Traveling to places not often traveled to.
  • Weird food.
  • Extreme or dangerous lifestyle. (See also How To Make A Friend Of Your Devil, Your Mind)

And I always asked myself a question “why do he or she do this?” (See also: DO NOTHING If You Want To Succeed)

Despite the number of things this guy did, and how interesting it was for me, he/she always have had the same answer, “I really did everything in my life, but…”, and but could be:-

  • “but all the same”
  • “but I didn’t find myself”
  • “but all this have no weight”
  • Many other conclusions that insure that “everything he or she did” have no weight

I asked myself, what is in this life really has weight? Till I found the answer (See also: Why To Get Fit Not How)

Internal happiness is the only thing in this life which has weight, and it will not be found in people, things or places, I will find happiness only inside my heart.

My passion to deliver a message for people around me, my passion to help someone, my passion to serve people, all these things makes me live happy, but the important thing is to find my passion because, passion is the only thing that can make my heart fly. (See also: How To Track Your Personal Defects For Ultimate Social Success (Part One))

You too search for your passion and live it, it could be your childhood hobby, it could be a certain sport, certain science or anything that your mind could imagine. (See also How to live your passion while at school)

Every human has a unique fingerprint the same as every human has a unique passion, if you find your passion and lived for it, you will live happy, because passion is the only thing that make your heart happy.

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