Learn How to Save Money

Many people have fears to talk about money because many people have beliefs that money is the cause of every evil, they fear to keep it with them for more time and they prefer to spend it on false luxuries so they can have quick enjoyment rather than permanent luxury which will bring them more enjoyment. (Read also How to Learn About Money)

I will explain this post by talking about a story about “Emmy” and “Investy”, two girls who have different beliefs about money which make them retain money in different ways.

Learn How to Save Money

Emmy is an employee that believes in having a secure job that has advantages over other jobs, she spends most of her money each month on things she thinks it is essential, she thinks “I needed this item since long time, this is the perfect time to buy it”, she believes that buying bigger things should be done by taking a loan from the bank and this is what she did. (Read also Learn How to Manage Money Part 1)

She bought her car and home taking loans from the bank and she also have no problems buying smaller things using her credit cards.

On the other hand, Investy believes that having no money is risky and that money is an idea that can be seen by mind not by eyes, that’s why she believes that she should create money by creating businesses so that she can have her own money that she can buy with it whatever she likes. (Read also Learn to Make Money)

Investy has a belief that she should not work for money but instead she should let money work for her by creating business and hiring professionals that can make her business a success story.

Investy believes that to have her full potential in life she should have enough money so that she can enjoy her time with all her effort to spend it doing what she enjoys the most. (Read also How Passion Leads To Success)

When thinking about money, Emmy thinks that happiness doesn’t require money but requires other values, she think about money as a way to survive life.

Emmy buys things that make her look rich, she bought a trendy car and a house from loans she took from the bank, she also buys expensive things using her credit cards and have no problems paying each month to the bank.

Investy believes that taking a loan from the bank or buying items using her credit cards will make her work for the bank buy giving some of her money to the bank, she also believes that by building businesses she pays taxes last rather than paying taxes first like what Emmy do, Emmy’s salary is deducted before she even have it by paying taxes for the government, she also pay taxes each time she buys any item in addition to paying for the bank each month, Investy makes money, have it in her pocket and then pays taxes when she buys some items. (Read also Smart Ways to Budget Your Money Part 1)

Emmy believes that saving money is one of the most important things she should do so that she can live a better life when she is retired, Investy believes that investing her money to make more money is what she should do because she is not waiting for her retirement time as she is building businesses and not work for a company or the government. (Read also 5 Money Lessons for Kids that School doesn't Teach)

Investy believes that investing needs from her to be experienced in building businesses because investing starts with a business that other people invest in, that’s why she believes that she should be expert in building businesses

Emmy believes that working for the government is better than working for a private company because it can make her secured when she is retired.

This comparison between Emmy and Investy is just to put you in the right mind set of saving money so that you know how to save it.

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