Our Limits

When you are serious about free learning and continual improvement is what you do to reach your high aims, there must be some concepts in your mind that you believe in as following:-

  1. There is abundance of everything in life: many people think that they should obey others with more power so that they can have the life they want to have, so eventually they accept a mediocre life after they realize that they cannot reach their full potential obeying other people. What you should believe in is that there is abundance of everything you want - money, work and time - so that you have what you want in life.
  2. You can reach whatever goal you put to yourself: emotional thinking is what 97% of the people do when they want to reach a goal that they think it is essential for them, for example, someone seeing another person reached his potential building his body, they emotionally think that they should start working out so that they can have the body of their dreams. Searching for your own “why” you want to reach this limit, is what will make you reach it.
  3. Your mind is the number one organ you should take care of: a weak mind means a weak life actions, accepting your life the way it is without doing anything that can create opportunities for you, is what most of the people in this world do, you must always do what feels right to you, not what feels right for others. Having a strong mind backed up with a crystal clear purpose is what will make your mind the strongest, so you have to search for your life purpose first and then build your life over it.
  4. Say “no” to everything intruding your life purposeyour life purpose is your life that you should depend on in everything else - having a toned body, having a trendy car, living in a high valued home - whatever goes in line with your life purpose is what you should consider and this is what most of the people don’t get while taking any of their life decisions.

To change your beliefs to reach beyond your current limits you should:-

  1. Be happy: if you think you are happy helping others reaching their goals, this is not what happiness is about, happiness is about doing the one life purpose that make you currently happy, not what make you happy some day, for example, if you have a goal of saving 100,000USD at the end of the year which will make you happy when you reach it, imagine yourself reaching it and ask yourself why you will be happy then, if your answer was one of the following, then you should reconsider your goals:-​

    • I can do whatever I want when I have 100,000USD
    • I can travel to whatever place I want
    • I can enjoy life more

    Having a belief from these beliefs that is filling your mind while reaching this goal might help you work harder to reach this goal, but what about the time being, if you have a belief that make you happy now, will make you more fulfilled, for example:-

    • I do what makes me happy now
    • What I do is what fulfil me
    • My life purpose is to always be happy
  2. Be proactive: most of the people blame anything in life rather than themselves when the situation comes that they must do something now to change their lives, they wait till the right opportunity or the right time to react in a good ways, and this is not what proactive people do. Those who are proactive create situations that suits their lives, and the right time for them is always now and never any other time that they know nothing about.
  3. Visualizing the end process: most people who seeks success, put a 3 to 5 years vision and start working for it, and this is not how success works, how can you imagine a 3 to 5 years vision when you don’t know where you are now?! This is not what happy people do, happy people seek what make them the most happy now and then convert it to make it their lives that they can depend on in everything (including buying potential).
  4. Putting first things first: this is a really simple and important rule to take into consideration. What most people do is do what they feel doing now, things that they emotionally feels that it is highly important at the mean time, and when it is done they recognize that they wasted their time, effort and money on something that they shouldn’t have had started. Successful people know what is the most important things for them and then analyze every life events to transform every event in their lives to push their high important things forward.
  5. Know the reasons of every action you take: knowing why you are living is the most important thing in your life, and answers like:-​
  • To help my family live better
  • For my children
  • To be socially accepted
  • To be better than others

Is not what successful people believe in, they consider these reasons as being emotionally driven, successful people believes that they must do any actions to serve one and only life purpose in their lives, which what make them happy the most., and beliefs like:-

  • To change the world
  • To make a highly known evolution
  • To reach people everywhere
  • To make a revolution on a common belief
  • To get over stereotypes

Are all beliefs that most of the successful people believe in.

I always challenge myself to be better, so here is some images for my limits:-

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