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www.StrongerStudents.com is customized for students who are aiming high, who see things differently, who knows that life can and will be much more better if they only have the right road to step on. 

The big problem occurs when a student have very high aims, his/her mind is blown with realizations, and his heart is shining with light and still he can’t apply all what he/she knows on earth and this starts with the beginning of the adulthood period.

Moreover, he/she starts getting depressed, self indulged and pretend he/she knows nothing, to be left with his brilliance and step on the road that he/she is told to step on.

StrongerStudents.com Principles are:-

  1. To Be
  2. To Do
  3. To Have

Traditional education is a phase most of us either finished it or ended it, and through the years of traditional education most of the students learn

  • How to succeed in exams
  • Analyze problems
  • Cope with colleagues
  • Compete to have a job

​In their way to live the lives they were always told to live:-

  • Graduate from school
  • Join college
  • Have good grades
  • Have a good job

And then live the life that should be lived.

Traditional education direct students for obedience and problem analyzing; to listen to whom knows better than them - teachers, parents, managers ...etc. - and to help themselves by analyzing their own problems to reach wisdom through analyzing exams questions to reach the best answer.

Which means that the “A” grade students should be the best ones to obey people who knows best and analyze problems to reach the best wise decision than any other person, and here comes the problem…

The problem in the beliefs that traditional education build over the years are actually limiting these students with high aims, only to be left with having no leader that he/she can trust and to be stuck in a paralysis from over analyzing life problems fearing doing any mistake.

Moreover, problems related to income and freedom became no more of his/her interest, because he/she found no one will definitely reach their high aims.

This is when they realize that they want no more words to be said or proven, because they know themselves and are sure that there is light in the end of the tunnel, but applying their knowledge is the thing they are missing.

StrongerStudents.com Basics

StrongerStudents.com is based on free learning, which is the eagerness to learn more by yourself.

To reach this point of eagerness to learn, StrongerStudents.com members need to have peace within themselves to be able to reach freedom in learning, and that’s why StrongerStudents.com top color is green, as it reflects innerself peace, and then continues to be yellow, as it reflects freedom in learning, the purple links implies wealth, which is the reason why articles here are free.

StrongerStudents.com free learning posts are founded to break limiting beliefs to reach maximum potential.

StrongerStudents.com Foundation

Before building a master piece skyscraper, there are days of initialization and months of planning to start the first block in order to build this master piece, and if these two steps aren't taken into consideration, any other block could be the one that can break this skyscraper, the same goes for the stronger students, if they are not founded on the basics, their decisions might be fragile.

What students should be founded on:-

  • Understanding their financial beliefs
  • Taking bird's eye look on their lives
  • Having a destination

Understanding Financial Beliefs:-

If you have the basics of financial literacy:-

  • It is not about doing many things to gain the buying potential you want
  • It is not about being brilliant and knowing deep detailed in the know-hows in your daily job
  • It is not about buying a big luxury house from bank mortgage or loan
  • It is not about being an employee
  • It is not about being your own boss…

Life is limited in time, a day have 24 hours, a week have 7 days, a year have 365 days;

  • Splitting your day to three shifts each have a different way to deal with for a stream of income
  • Knowing more how to do your job better to get promoted
  • Buying your house from bank mortgage or loan
  • Spending 8 hours out of 24 working as an employee
  • Spend the entire 24 hours being your own boss...

This is not the case in StrongerStudents.com, our way is to be happy doing what we love doing and this can only come by having two basic core values which are having enough time and money

  • Time to spend it wherever or whatever we love doing
  • Money to have the potential to do what we want to do in life

We believe here, that having enough time and money is our way to have inner peace and freedom which are the core of happiness.

Taking A Bird's Eye View On Your Life

If you have bird's eye view for your life to see what you must focus on to have a better life:-

  • It is not about increasing your buying potential by being promoted, changing organizations, switching organizational careers
  • It is not about traveling some country with more job opportunities
  • It is not about getting married in the first opportunity to decrease the gap between you and your child
  • It is not about being in dept to banks your entire life
  • It is not about upgrading your life fast
  • It is not about finding the best opportunity to take it
    • Taking a bird's eye view on your life is about watching your personal growth in the right direction, to see that you are successfully going from one phase in your life to the other taking into consideration the most important fact, that you are moving in the right direction not to wast more time, effort and money.

      Having A Destination

      After having a bird's eye view on what your life can be and can't be, it's your decision to decide wisely what is success for you and start taking actions.

      If you found that success is something totally different than the direction you are on right now, you have to take your first baby steps towards what you believe is success and this is as a start.

      I have been to all of them, but being an employee or my own boss, were all limiting to my real potential which I realized later that traditional education is the phase that put these limiting beliefs in me which are as following:-

      Beliefs That Limits One's Potential Planted By Traditional Education

      • Never do mistakes, because it is shameful if done
      • Try hard not to smash on the wall alot through your life
      • Obey experts, because they know better
      • Analyzing problems to reach the best solution
      • Keep learning through traditional education even after graduation

      The list can keep counting...

      Here In StrongerStudents.com We Believe In The Following:-

      • Mistakes is the best teacher
      • Trial and error is what we need to succeed
      • Free learning is our life challenge
      • Finding solutions that suits ourselves is the solutions we are looking for
      • Being ourselves, not someone else, is our way to live happy
      • Financial literacy is our way for freedom

      Look around you and ask yourself this question, why do people do what they are doing right now? And the final answer will be to be happy. Everybody feels good when they reach their goals, but what if you are happy while moving forward to your goal, will that be better?

      Being Happy Is All About:

      • Living the life you deserve, a life that is suitable for your true self
      • The life that when you experience you lose track of time
      • A life that you can work in it without waiting to gain anything in return.

      Here in StrongerStudents.com you will learn how to take what you deserve from life by being happy, and this is our Success Equation for life, the equation that you build through your own experience and mistakes, to reach knowing what you don't like and be left with what you like the most, and this is what StrongerStudents.com want to deliver

      Trial and Error Is Your Way To Create Your own Success Equation

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