Run Like The Arabian

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This tale has many versions, and this is one of them:-

Once upon a time the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with his herd of horses, was on a long journey in the desert, the horses were exhausted and desperately thirsty for any water.

On his way to his destination, they found a lake of pure water for all to revive again by drinking what they need of water.(See also Why To Get Fit Not How)

Before the herd of horses reached the water, prophet Muhammad, blew his battle horn for the horses to return to him.

The horses were so thirsty to the extent that they went to drink water from the lake to survive without returning to their master, except for five mares, that responded to their master and returned to him faithfully although they were desperately thirsty, that’s why they became prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) favorite mares, and were called Al Khamsa which means The Five, which are the best of the best horses in the world till now; they are The Arabian. (See also: DO NOTHING If You Want To Succeed)

The Arabian horse is known in the entire world as the best breed among all breeds of horse, because it is so courageous, so intelligent, so loyal, so beautiful and the most sustain; The Arabian horses are considered the closest in attributes to the human being, which can understand humans and react upon its leader when leading.

What make The Arabian horse unique, is the combined-beauty it has, along with other numerous attributes; its strength and its ability to bear, make it always be in the first place in long distance races.

No other horse strain has that deep position in human mind like The Arabian horse, drawings of The Arabian horse are on Hieroglyphic inscriptions Pharaonic before Christ, thousands of years ago. (See also: Why You Should Never Act Brilliant)

Run Like The Arabian

I always liked watching horse races and I knew about the Arabian horse and that it is the best horse among all other horses. (See also How To Make A Friend Of Your Devil, Your Mind)

The problem is that when I see the Arabian horse somewhere, the "Arabian" is just a word for me and I listen to it like if it is only the horse name, without the real meaning of it, although I am an Arab. (See also: Why You Should Believe In Yourself The Most)

The Arabian horse, reflects what Arabs are really are, and is a pride for me to talk about the Arabian horse as it reflects the core values I have.

That’s why I run like The Arabian

The same way goes for you, if you are an Arab or not, the values that the Arabian horse has, is global and made the Arabian horse the best, and without making sure you acquired these values, you can never be the best.

That’s why you should Run Like The Arabian

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