How To Encourage Someone To Study

In my previous article How to Motivate Yourself to Study, I talked about getting motivated by the means of imagining someone with special needs that for sure do his best not to depend on someone and that have high marks at school, what does this person lack? can't you get such high marks because of being bored of studying? I think knowing that there are special needed students that have a great marks is a great motivation for you.

So you need to encourage someone to study, maybe your son, daughter, your students as a teacher or a friend of yours, this may come by talking to him/her and telling him/her a real story about a special needed student that have had high marks so he/she can get it too. There are also other way to encourage someone to study which will be explained bellow.

How To Encourage Someone To Study

There are more ways to encourage someone to study, which are:-

  • To help a student draw his future vision by showing him how he/she can be successful in the future, will encourage a student to study harder and to always look for his future so that he want to be there one day.
  • Help a student to understand his/her lessons and to express himself with different questions so that he/she understand his/her lessons better, this will encourage a student to study better.
  • Help a student with some fun ways to study his lessons so that he/she can enjoy studying more, this will encourage a student to study better.
  • If you are his father or mother, allow a less noisy environment for your child that will help him/her encouraged to study.
  • Connect having A+ marks with a prize that you will give him/her, so that when he/she get the A+ marks you give him/her the prize and if he/she get less marks than the A+ marks you give him/her nothing (The prize is to be given for him/her for subjects with A+ marks only).

Finally, encouraging someone to study can be easily done by connecting studying with the end result which is how successful this student will be when he study his/her lessons and get A+ marks.

I always thought that getting higher grades in traditional education was the way to succeed in life after that. I have got high grades in school and graduate from the college that I was always dreaming to join - engineering -, but found that there is nothing much different than any other student that graduate from any college. Moreover, I felt that I have had made much more effort than other students, until I found that succeeding in life is about learning more about life not traditional education. That's why is concerned about teaching students how to be successful in life, because free learning is your life challenge that will make you stronger than any other person.

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