How To Encourage Someone To Study

How to encourage someone to study. In my previous article How to Motivate Yourself to Study, i talked about getting motivated by the means of imagining someone with special needs that for sure do his best not to depend on someone and that have high marks at school, what does this person lack? can't you get such high marks because of being bored of studying? I think knowing that there are special needed students that have a great marks is a great motivation for you.

So you need to encourage somone to study, maybe your son, daughter, your students as a teacher or a friend of yours, this may come by talking to him/her and telling him a real story about a special needed student that have had high marks so he/she can get it too.

How To Encourage Someone To Study

More important point to draw the future of someone you like to encourage studying, is to put him/her a vision and help him/her reaching this vision.

You can put someone a vision by several ways, one of the ways to put someone a vision is by knowing what does he want to be in life and explaining for him the good and the bad side of this vision, you can also explain for him other visions and the bad and the good things about them, this way you will give him the freedom to choose for several visions to choose the best that suits him.

For example, a father and his 10 years old son where living in a foreign country, his son wanted to join the police acadamy which in this country can't be done because it doesn't accept foreign nationality to join police academy, so his father thought why do his son wanted to join the police? he asked his son, and he understood from him that he like authority and power, and by simply knowing this he convinced him that lawyers have more authority and power than police so the son liked the idea and decided to join the law college which in this foreign country any nationality can join it, and this way he changed his vision from a non-achievable one to a one that can be achieved. is my life success mission that is an eye opener for students to know more about life that they will face, because many students think that joining their dream college and graduating with higher grades is what they should aim in life, moreover, after they finish college they face life with all it's challenges. That's why here in I am concerned to prepare students have a clear life vision after graduation, to succeed in life as well, after graduation from college.

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