How to Motivate Yourself in College

Know that what you will read now won't waste your time, it will increase your motivation to study in college.

You sure heard a lot of people who say that college is hard to accomplish without failure, or you will never finish college without failing in at least one subject, you may heard also that there are students who dropped out of college so you believed that college is even harder to accomplish, these are all beliefs that you shouldn't believe in, you should only believe in yourself and continue studying whatever the circumstances are.

I once have had these beliefs too, I believed that there should be failure at college, and failure is something normal to happen through out university time, which affect me in a negative way, and it decreased my motivation to the least so I failed once, twice and trice but that never stopped me from completing my college and drop out like most of the students do.

I kept on fighting and fighting till I finished my college successfully, for someone else it could be that he lose hope and lose his way to complete his college although success is few steps closer, you should keep trying and trying till you reach your ultimate goal that you want it deep inside you, success is all about failing several times till you manage to do it in the suitable time and this is what traditional education limit our minds to do, it limits out mind to do mistakes as it is forbidden. (Join Trail and Error Academy closed group on Facebook)

How to Motivate Yourself in College

To motivate yourself the most you should have a big vision to work for it till the end, this big vision is divided into goals that can motivate you to fight even harder to reach what you want in college, there are sometimes where constrains stop you from reaching your goals, like not being able to be a T.A. at college because you failed once, here you should sit with yourself to have another big goal to fight for it whatever the circumstances are. (See also How To Encourage Someone To Study)

Never feel you are not worthy to finish your college, never lose hope to finish your college and keep fighting your negative beliefs about college and this needs from you to be brave and face every negative belief you believes in and to face every obstacle on your way to remove it.

You may failed once or twice, in this case you will see people who want to see you sad appear in front of you and remind you with the beliefs that they told you, saying "remember when i told you that you won't be able to accomplish college" or "remember when i told you that you can't do it", prove them wrong "Now", and tell them "Yes I can". And remember one thing, since I did it, you can do it too.

Note: I am the same as you, I don't have any extra powers or was smarter than my friends which was a reason to have my success, it all depends on how persistent you are which will lead you to success.

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