How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Many students knew how to motivate themselves to study, else there are more who want to know how to motivate themselves to study, and sure you are one of them.

A story about how to motivate yourself to study

Sarah always sit to study hard but end up bored of studying and procrastinate her studying to the next day, this effect her performance, and end up being with a reputation among her friends of being lazy which wasn't acceptable at all for her, she promised herself to never procrastinate her work again but have had one problem which is she lack motivation because her beliefs about success at school were limiting her from getting the grades she want and from being motivated.

How to motivate yourself to study

What do you think you need to be motivated? do you think that I'll talk about having a vision to be motivated? Yes, having a future vision about your school or university years will sure make you motivated, and will give you a continues motivation till you finish your school or university time, that's why having a vision is a big issue to be motivated. (See also How to Motivate yourself in College)

Having a future vision is by imagining where do you want to be after the school or college period, for example: you can have a future vision by imagining yourself joining the college you want or the university that you are dreaming about, you can also have a vision while being in your college by knowing what do you want to do after university so that you can help humanity better with your contribution to the world. 

Imagine you have a big vision as to join medicine college while you are at school, this vision will keep you motivated till you reach this goal, I used this technique before, I used to have a vision to join engineering faculty while I was at school, and it was so motivating for me that i didn't sleep many nights just to fulfill my big vision.

Also through college, to have a vision as to serve humanity with your knowledge, is such a big vision to keep you motivated to study.

How to get motivated now?

You can be motivated now by knowing that you must do your best while studying to get the grades you want, if you believe that God will not make you suffer having hard time knowing that you have bad grades, you must do your best so that god can give you the best, you can never reach what you want through good deeds only, you must do your best in what you like to reach what you want in life.

I always thought that getting high grade in Traditional Education is the type of success I want, after graduating I realized that life success is the type of success I want which have nothing to with life success. Life success needs from me to Try and Fail and that's what Traditional Education limited my mind to do!

Many students think that getting high grades in an exam is all about studying harder than thier peers, moreover they studied hard previously but found no additional results for thier hard studying, 3 Hours (Your Guide To Exams) is where you will learn how to make use of every minute of studying, because studying in the right way is what you need to know more how to do.