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How to Motivate Yourself to Study

How to motivate yourself to study. many people knew how to motivate themselves to study, else there are more want to know how to motivate themselves, and sure you are one of them.

She always sits to study hard but end up bored of studying and procrastinate her homework to the next day, this effects her performance, and end up being with a reputation of lazy that wasn't acceptable at all for her, she promised herself to never procrastinate her work but have had one problem which is she lack motivation.

How to motivate yourself to study

What do you think you need to be motivated? do you think that I'll talk about having a vision to be motivated? yes having a vision about your school or university years will sure make you motivated, and will give you a continues motivation till you finish your school or university time, that's why having a vision is a big issue to be motivated.(See also How to Motivate yourself in College)

Imagine you have a big vision as to join medicine college while you are at school, this vision will keep you motivated till you reach your goal, I used this technique before, I used to have a vision to join engineering faculty while i was at school, and it was so motivating for me that i didn't sleep many nights just to fulfil my big vision.

Also through college, to have a vision as to serve humanity with your knowledge is such a big vision to keep you motivated to study.

How to get motivated now?

You are sure sleepy now, have tons to study and you may be close to exams and still can't study, knowing that these are the result of the way you think and the beliefs you believe in, you may heard a lot that you won't succeed and that you are someone that is not worthy which made you have a bad self image which effect you in a frustrating way.

For you to know, i was a normal guy the same as you, that didn't have certain powers or smarter that anyone in my class, it is only about believing in yourself that you can do it neglecting all frustrating echo sounds that revolve through your head that prevent you from being successful in your school/college.

How to motivate yourself to study. Now is the time to demolish all your negative beliefs about yourself, now is the time to study hard, now is your way to the high way.

Know one thing, that I did it, you can do it too.

I managed to have great success in school time, i got 93% in grade 9, 90% in grade 11 and 97% in grade 12 which are all turning years to the next period of my school life, i also was from the first 10 among 1500 students in my engineering faculty, if you want to know how i did it, read my book 3 hours (your exams guide) which will give you the way to study for exams, also my book The Ultimate University Guide which will help you know more about universities and how to choose one. :) is a website that you will not waste your time on in the night before the exam, as it can give you tips to how to study for a test in 5 minutes it also contain the best study guide, it is also not for students who procrastinate their studies and read articles on the net, if you feel you know how to study and got high marks already and don't want to get higher, go study and leave this site immediately.

How To Encourage Yourself To Study

How to Motivate Yourself in College

Motivation for Studying for Finals

The Ultimate Guide To Study Smarter Not Harder (Book)

The Ultimate University Guide (Book)

3 Hours Your Exams Guide Book (Book)

The Ultimate University Guide

The Ultimate University Guide is your way to a better university life, I experienced stressful times and I don't want you to experience what I experienced so I wrote this book to get high grades with the lowest effort; I got excellent and very good grades in my first and fourth year, I also experienced being from the first 10 among more than 1500 students.

For whom is this book?

Parents who want their kids to know what university they should join, letting your kids read The Ultimate University Guide will let your kids draw a better vision for their future in a simple, easy yet profesional way.

3 Hours (Your Exams Guide Book)

3 Hours (Your Exams Guide) will help you pass any exam with high marks even if you are close to exams.

I am close to exams and don't know what to do! For your situation you need first to solve exams as much as possible and write the questions you didn't know in a piece of paper, then read the subject and mark on the parts you didn't find while solving exams, this way you will conquer the subject.

There are two ways study for the exam fast the quick way and making study guides that are explained in the book 3 Hours (Your Exams Guide), wish you all the best.

The Ultimate Guide To Study Smarter Not Harder
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  • How to be smart in subjects like history and geography?
  • How to be smart in math?

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