How to be Intelligent and Smart student

What does intelligent and smart student means? Do you think that there are smart and intelligent students and there are idiots and dumb asses? Which one do you think you are? What are the difference between those two kind of students who are smart and those who are idiots? Can an idiot student be a smart student if he changes his beliefs about himself or herself? Do you think that such people think that people think about them as idiots so they pretend to be ones? Do you think that a self motivated students have some secrets to be published here on Stronger Students?

What are those traits that differs from one student to another (smart student to anyone)?

How to be intelligent and smart student

Think about it, do you see that your parents have effect you on being smart and intelligent? Do you think that community have the effect on you on being smart and intelligent? Do you think that the place you live in have the effect on you on being smart and intelligent? Your family? Your teachers? your doctors?

If your answer was yes for only one question of the previous questions know that you blame others for your own mistakes which is a brain disease that you should take care of! (Read my book The Ultimate Guide To Study Smarter Not Harder)

Why blaming others is a brain disease?

you should look to life straight in the eyes and never blame others for getting bad marks, failing, being a bad student, lacking time management, unless you don't want to face your problems and have your own solutions for them.

Are you still in the beginning of your life which means you still needs help from others? When will you stop asking others for help and start helping yourself? When will you stop blaming others for your own mistakes? When will you start focus in your own problems? Now is the time to be smart student.

I started by stating the problem because you are part of it and here is the solution.

How to be intelligent and smart student in points

  1. It's not about smart genes: you shouldn't neither blame your genes that they are not smart, because simply it's not about genes that makes you smart and intelligent, it's about knowing more than others, there are students who knows things from their parents because their parents are smart, and there are students who are smart by their own selves, by reading, knowing more and by listening to educated people, this way you can be smart and intelligent. (Read my book The Ultimate Guide To Study Smarter Not Harder)
  2. You might be smart in certain area: Being smart smart doesn't mean that you should be smart in every little aspect of life, but it only means that you are smart in a niche (in a very deep subject) and that only that makes you different, there are students that are smart in psychology, chemistry, biology or anything but to be intelligent in all of your subjects? It's by repeating step 1 and two again and again for all subjects, knowing more than others in all subjects will make you smarter in all subjects.

It is all about working hard to get high marks, it is never been one human being is smarter than another, it is about one student study more than another, so always know whenever you get high marks and did great, it is all because of you and don't forget to show gratitude for those who push you to have such great marks and who offer you relaxing environment to get such great marks.

Doing mistakes through my Traditional Education was a taboo because those who do mistakes are considered less smart students, so I studied hard my entire Traditional Education phase to realize at the end that this is not the type of success I am looking for, so I am creating mine by teaching students that they should have self-awareness to succeed in life.

Searching about answers for every question was a hard task when it comes to education, and getting right answers were harder, 3 Hours (Your Guide To Exams) have answers for the way you should study, because having hard time while studying is no more an option.