What you don't know about private courses

Private courses is a way to be smarter than your fellow friends, but there facts to know about private courses so that you can be more knowledgeable about what extensive private courses taking can make.

Private courses that students take to enhance their understanding for a subject, can waste their time if you take it for all your subjects, there are many students who just take private courses to ensure they are studying their subjects regularly, parents also want to guarantee for themselves that their son or daughter are studying their lessons, so they ensure that their children take courses in all the subjects to free their mind about teaching them.

This attitude from children and parents can make a child always dependable on something or someone to solve their own problems, and here comes the problem.

A child should depend on himself/herself to solve all his/her problems, depending on someone or something to solve his problems have many disadvantages, and here are some of them:-

What you don't know about private courses

Private course have disadvantage as following:-

  • Depending on someone or something to solve his/her problem.
  • Not focusing on the solution of the problem but instead, focus on something or someone to solve any problem he/she fall into.
  • Depending on parents to always solve their financial problems.
  • Having management problems (Unmanaged spending, unmanaged time, unmanaged health care and unmanaged effort on things that interest the child).

The problem for being dependable on someone or something can extend for the kid to grow being dependable on outer sources to help him/her with his or her life, this can make the teenager can't find happiness in his life unless he or she find outer sources to be so, so he/she use out sources to make him/her feel happy (Drugs, relationships, loneliness, self indulge, matter complexity and difficulty in self-expression).

So the first thing for a teen to be independent, is to solve his/her own problems by himself/herself so he/she can find happiness within himself/herself.

This begins with the school subjects problems. The student must help himself solving his subjects-related-problem by himself/herself, it is about going and finding the solution for his/her problem by asking teachers and reading different references so he/she can have another perspective about the subject.

By having the attitude, of solving his/her own problem by exerting more effort, a child can grow being independent and decreasing private courses can help a child on the first steps for being independent .

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