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Tn'E Academy, Free learning is your life challenge

Trial ans Error academy is an experience based group that their group members help each others in different problems based on their previous experiences.

Tn'Error Academy is a place where you can find solutions for all your problems as a student whether it is through your education (i.e: school or university) or through your own life, problems related to:-

  1. Relationship Problems
  2. Study Skills Problems
  3. Exams Fear Problems
  4. Student-Teacher Relationship Problems
  5. School Bullying Problems
  6. Low Grades Problems
  7. Homework Solving Problems
  8. Fast Studying Skills
  9. Smart Studying Skills
  10. Choosing College Problems
  11. Life Success Skills for School and University Students
  12. Life Skills
  13. Money and Loans Problems
  14. Financial Literacy Skills

You can get so close to me personally as I check this group regularly and offer help for you and other students.

Tn'E Academy Guidelines are as following:-

  1. You must introduce yourself and your problem so that group members recognize you and help you accordingly, you can have help directly from me.
  2. We don't offer promises except that those who keep engaged with the group will keep being uplifted.
  3. The most important person is the one who have just joined the group because we can't keep what we know, unless we give it to others.
  4. We recommend that you introduce yourself to others.
  5. We recommend that you keep open minded and give yourself a chance to express your case.
  6. Our group depends on a simple idea which is, the eagerness to complete your traditional education phase as good as possible.
  7. Our group is based on simple principles, the most important fact about it, that it works.
  8. Our group will help you live/find your passion while moving forward in your traditional education phase.
  9. Our group will increase your self-awareness, self-worth, self-satisfaction and self-confidence.
  10. Our group will help you after completing your traditional education phase with your professional life.

A brief about Tn'E Academy:

Unlike traditional education, We in Trial and Error academy respect failure. There are many beliefs we grow up with through our traditional education phase like:-

  • Not knowing the reasons: Traditional education gives us what we will study in each year, and we try hardly to know how to study these subject but never know why we take these subjects.
  • Having wrong financial beliefs: Through our traditional education phase we never learn anything about money, all that we know is that we should pay money to keep going in our traditional education years.
  • Having limiting beliefs in free learning: We always believed that to learn more we should spend more money not knowing anything about free learning and that learning can be through simple trial and error or asking questions, we never knew that learning can be by opening our minds and letting our heart take control.

In Trial and Error Academy we believe in:-

  • Mistakes is the best teacher.
  • Free learning is your life challenge.
  • Financial literacy.

In Trial and Error Academy we respect the following:-

  • Failure.
  • Doing mistakes.
  • Asking questions.

Here in Tn'E Academy, you set yourself free by engaging other members through your difficult times, this group have no boundaries over failure and welcome students who:-

  • Failed previously in a subject or a year.
  • Who have exams related fears so you can share your emotions, thoughts and feelings.
  • Aim high but still don't know what to do.
  • Want to be successful.
  • Seeking help.

Tn'E Academy will help you:-

  • Express your fears before exams.
  • Engage with members who have passed through similar difficulties and knew how to pass it.
  • Talk freely about your mistakes and get help for them.
  • Having support through hard times.
  • Amplifying happiness when succeeding by sharing your story.
  • Being a part of a community who respect failure and mistakes.

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