Why You Should Believe in Yourself the Most

Make a friend of your devil, your mind

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Many times through following my passion in free learning, I do efforts and think that they will resound with people and readers the same way the effort I did the way I did it, but sometimes the respond is not like I expected.

I used to blame many things for this unexpected response like:-

  • Nobody understand my message I am trying to deliver.
  • Things doesn't work this way.
  • I should be more tricky and mind player.
  • I should learn more.
  • Many other thoughts just jam my mind to dispense my energy.

I think that I should begin from the start and start reclaiming everything I did and suddenly the world is on my shoulders!

That’s why if your passion is the thing that drive you to do what you are doing you will keep moving forward whatever everything around you looks like.

You will find your love ones, family and friends who knows everything about you but still didn’t feel the effect of what you are going after, start questioning you about your passion, to find yourself in the middle of nowhere with nothing that prove that what you are going after is big enough for all your time and effort, but will this stop you? (See also: How To Think In A Way That Nobody Thinks With)

Why You Should Believe In Yourself the Most

A little story that will sum up the idea of this article is as following:-

You decide to go for a long distant vacation and travel to some place where you always dreamt about, you book tickets for you and your beloved ones. (See also: How To Be Unstoppable)

Everything is going great from packaging your stuff, the way to the airport and in to the airplane where you comfortably sit with your beloved ones waiting until you reach your destination happily.

In the middle of the sky where you are watching the clouds from the airplane window, you heard an alert and the red lights starts flashing, everything in the airplane starts flying around you and you cannot take your breath, the airplane is falling!

What is the first thing you will do? (Read also I Did Everything In My Life, But...)

Will you catch your beloved ones and hug them to your chest to protect them?

Yes, but you can’t take your breath, you are seconds away from losing your conscious.

Before losing your conscious and because you have read the safety notes before entering the airplane, you suddenly remembered that there is an oxygen mask bellow your seat, so you quickly grab it, put it on your mouth and nose to get your conscious back, help your beloved ones, and arrive safely. (See also: How To Make The Best Out Of Your Life)

That’s why helping yourself is your way to help others

You can help yourself by understanding yourself and how you think, you can help yourself by being what you want to be, you can help yourself by following your passion and delivering your message to the society you live in because it is yourself that you need to focus and believe the most to help your beloved ones.

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