Why Are Most Foods Junk

Through my fitness journey, I realized many things about food and how to eat what is useful for the body and why what most food people eat are junk food with little or no nutrition use, and this post will show you why. (See also: Why To Get Fit NOT How)

Most people don't have the patience to cook their food because this process have many exhausting phases from choosing the food to buy, buying the food, choosing which to cook and then cooking it and finally it might be with good taste or a bad one, and to avoid having bad times eating a bad tasted food, most people prefer eating and drinking food and drinks which are pre-made and ensured its acceptance from many people. (See also I Did Everything In My Life, But...)

Pre-made food are everywhere, in the restaurants, in the supermarkets and mini markets, from junk food to snacks and soft drinks and is sold everywhere human interactions are made.

Most of this food, if not all, depend on the taste, which seems normal for normal people, one will think "I will buy this - kind of food - rather than the other, because it tastes better" which seems logic and normal.

But the problem which most people don't know about that food that tastes good depend on two factors that are responsible for overweight, they are sugar and fats.(See also DO NOTHING if you Want to Succeed)

Why are most foods junk

These two food factors are responsible for the good taste of the food that have addictive attributes for the mind and they are also responsible for body overweight and many diseases, this is when I realised that I should choose, cook, eat and drink food consciously.

Conscious food choosing depend on two other factors, these two factors are summarized as the food should be "whole and natural" which means when the food I am eating is more in its whole state and the more it is natural, the better it is for the body, the more the food is processed the worst it is for the body.

This means, that eating an apple, which is whole and natural, is better than drinking a canned apple juice because the first is in its whole and natural state and the latter is processed.

Simply when you change the main two factors of junk food with the two main factors of healthy food, your eating behavior will change. (See also: Why Watching Porn Can Limit Your Life Success)

Replace sugar + fats with whole + natural

There is another false belief i believed in such as I should eat few meals to get fit, which turns for me to believe that diet will make me starving and hungry all the time, this was a false belief that I get rid of, and by knowing that my stomach should always be digesting food through the day so that I get better fit results, made me realise that eating 4 to 6 meals a day - by eating a meal every 3 hours - is better than eating fewer meals that have high sugar and fats percentage.

The meals that I should eat through the day should be less in sugar and fats, the less processed food I eat, the better the food.

Also for body builders, focusing on proteins and vitamins are the most two factors that can build a stronger fit toned body. (See also Why To Get Fit Not How)

That's why the more the food you choose consciously is in its whole and natural state the better it is for you.

You too, if you still don't know what food to eat to get fit you should eat meals that have two simple facts which are "Whole and natural", the less the food you eat is processed the better, if it happens for you to eat processed food then the less sugar and fats are there in your food the less overweight you will be. (See also Our Limits)

That's why you should eat food which are less in sugar and fats and more in its whole and natural state.

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