Why To Get Fit Not How

Do you want to get fit but you don't know how?
Why do you want to get fit?


Many times in my fitting journey through my life, I go to the gym aiming to have a fit-toned body, the one that everyone just dream to have when going to the beach or watching a movie. (See also: Why Are Most Foods Junk)

I always have had those beliefs that I must pay a lot to have a fit body from:

  • Nutritious, supplements and diet food
  • High coaching fees
  • Excellent gym

I also tried hardly to know how to make every rep right and what are those suitable sets for each day; I read about it, watch videos about it, ask those who has been there about it and did many other things just to know how to get my fit body, but it just didn't work!

It's like I have all the knowledge needed but lack something, maybe motivation, maybe company and it might be pleasure, only to end my first subscription to postpone the renewal to someday that never come.

Moreover, I started gaining more fats when I quit, so I stopped going once again not to gain more fats.

That's when I realized that a stronger body is a way to feel secure for a longer time, I don't want it just to take a selfie, I don't want it only for the summer time, I don't want it to brag about it and I don't want it to show off, I need it for a long term reason based on success, that's why my mind find ways to solve my fitting problem with the least amount of resources. (See also: Why You Should Believe In Yourself The Most)

Why To Get Fit Not How


  • I realized that I kept ignoring a gym just 5 minutes away from home
  • I found every fitting video make a lot of sense
  • I found every tip I hear a helping one
  • I found every time I feel hungry a strong reason to eat diet food

I choose to write this article from a different perspective because the "how to"s are everywhere on the web or by asking someone who is there, but it is all about finding a strong reason to keep your strategic plan up. (See also: The Trap Most People Fall Into)

That's when a life reason is what I want to push me forward

You too, if you still want a fit body for the summer time only, to take a selfie, to brag about it, to show off or to look impressive, then beliefs like:

  • I must pay for an excellent gym
  • I must pay for an excellent coach
  • Diet food, supplements and healthy nutrition are expensive

Will always be what you believe when you decide to go to the gym.

You have to take a longer life reason to push you forward the most.

A longer life reason can be:-

  • Because successful people are fit.
  • Because any public figure take care of their body (e.g.: celebrities).
  • Because your successful network are fit.
  • Because being fit is more attractive.
  • Because being fit can make me have a better life.
  • Because having a toned body makes me more secure.

A longer term reason is what you need to keep your body fit

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