Why You Should Never Act Brilliant

I am always in continues change of my attitude towards myself that reflect on my relations with people and this is not an easy task unless you have a daily personal coach walking step by step beside you and listening to every word you deliver and how you deliver it to give you a mirror for your attitude towards people, and this is impossible, so I should trigger it myself.

Most of the time, I feel superior upon others on several things and when I feel my peer is missing one of these things, I start acting brilliant that ends up for him or her being offended. (See also: Why You Should Believe In Yourself The Most)

It might appear in his or her face, his or her response that might be not direct or disguised or his/her attitude towards me that might make me offended too which rarely happen to me now because I triggered it already. (See also I Did Everything In My Life, But...)

I started triggering when my brilliant buttons are pushed to on and then, I turn them off, which helped me to strength my relationship with people, but sometimes I purposely push the brilliant button to force my peer to think more about his or her life but this doesn't help my life purpose in anyway, that's why I recognized that I should never act brilliant.

Have you ever act brilliant towards others?

It's when you feel superior upon others on the most thing you think you know how it's done, but this only show that you have inferior complex that needs to be solved or more, satisfied. (See also: Why Do You Like To Watch Soccer)

Working on your unsatisfied needs (ex: getting better school grades, your 9 to 5 unsatisfying job freedom, your financial status, your success...etc.) will make you more serious about your life and less acting brilliant towards people.

Why You Should Never Act Brilliant

Let us look at a story that might not be real but we can take the moral from it:-

Galileo was an astronomer who was living in a place where the king and the majority of people thinks that the land they are living on was straight and is fixed in its place and the other planets, like the sun, are revolving around it. (See also How To Make A Friend Of Your Devil, Your Mind)

Galileo was always confused about this conclusion and always believed that the beliefs of the majority were wrong most of the time and were to satisfy some other deeds and not for humanity purposes. (See also: Does Academic Qualification Ensure Success In Life)

Galileo refused to convince himself that the earth was straight because he knew it is ridiculous, so he decided to know the truth behind the shape of earth.

After deep research with his telescope, he discovered that earth is in the shape of a ball and that it revolves around the sun with other planets.

He was happy with his discovery but he knew that saying his weird discovery to public might cause him his death because of the cruel king that used to believe that earth is straight, but his beliefs to serve humanity were greater than his life. (See also Why You Should Believe in Yourself the Most)

Galileo was invited to a public event to assure the belief of the majority and the king by giving a speech to them about earth being straight and he accepted the invitation but he knew that he will say what he is convinced with whatever it may cost him.

Up to the place where he should say his speech, he started talking...

While he was talking and saying that the earth is in the shape of a ball and that it is wrongly believed that it is straight, most of the people listening to him disapproved his brilliant approach and how he opposed all the scientists in that time that tend to satisfy the king. (See also: How To Keep Going In Life)

Galileo was sent to trial for this, the king sent him to be killed to let the world after him have this great discovery, and Galileo is now known as the Father of Modern Science.

Galileo have had a purpose for what he did, that's why he choose the time to say his brilliant discovery in public. (See also How to be Among the Best)

You too, should choose the right time to act brilliant.

The place and time where you can act brilliant is when the audience you are talking to are there for you and to know how you reached your success they want to reach hungrily because in any other situation your brilliance will only make your audience uncomfortable and will judge you as someone with no common sense.

If you have a school presentation, you are a public speaker, a coach or a TV presenter, you should always talk in a language that everybody can understand, down to earth and ready to be easily digested unless your audience or peer is there hungry to know about your success.

Acting brilliant is only shown to your audience whom are hungrily needing your brilliance.

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